Monday, July 6, 2009

NOTD: cutesy pink!

So I re-did my nails today with the same Avon "Classic Rose" polish I posted about a few entries back. I still love it, it's as great as ever; dries quickly, smooth, glossy finish. This time I just added a line of white dots to add a bit more of a girly vibe to it.

This is super easy to do for those like me who are not ambidextrous or steady handed :P I just use a toothpick and white nail polish and dot dot dot dotted across the nail... then clear top coat.

Oh... and look who it IS... it's M U F F I N .

I just cut her nails and since she can't claw, she is BITING -_-;;

Ohh and I just wanted to note I've made it to 180 posts since last year! And approx. 1,000 people have stumbled upon my profile and blog. It's really a nice thing to know that people have found my blog interesting or helpful. I DO read each and every comment I receive and try to reply as much as I can (: Thank you everyone who has commented me and/or followed my blog! You all truly give me the inspiration to continue sharing some of my knowledge and experiences through blogging. I am thinking of doing a giveaway soon for my current followers... so stay tuned :3


  1. Your kitty is so cute and innocent. I wonder what's going on in her lil mind. She prob thinks your nails are cute :)

  2. love the 'dot dot dot' across the nail!!! i'm gonna have to try that! hehe! and muffin is so cute, especially in the peekaboo pic! :P

  3. oOoh a giveaway! :) & your kitty look so cute~! <3 I likeyour nails too, but I don't think my left hand is steady enough to do that

  4. omg toothpick! You are so smart I never thought of that! I'm SOOOO doing my nails like that tonight or tomorrow!! THANKS FOR THE TIP HUN :D

    hehe I agree with you, photoshop is great for retouching!

  5. wow! i love your nails!! looks so cleann & simple but beautiful!

  6. cute kitty :) and i think i've lost all incentive to paint my nails. i always keep bumping into things and mess it all up! -___-

  7. Congrats on the 180 post/100 visitor mark =D.

    Your nails are cute! Such a dainty color and design =)

  8. congratulations on the profile veiws :) :) :) I love your nails, very dainty!!!

  9. Your kitty is sooo cute! Haha yeah Muffin looks so menacing in that second pic. haha.

    Oh man, I'm hooooping the shipping for ELF doesn't take as long as it did for my first package! My friend ordered from them before and she got her package within a week! I guess it's the luck of the draw. :S *fingers crossed* Yeah I'm the same about the treat and tame :S

    Congrats on the posts and views! :)


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