Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

What does YOUR makeup station look like?


  1. Yours looks neater than mine! lol
    I have to rearrange some things.

  2. lol i really need to fix mine! its' really really messy!

    hun. you have such perfect skin! you look so gorgeous in all your pics!!

  3. Is your makeup station in your bedroom? I wish mine was, but I don't have anywhere to put my makeup in my room. My makeup station is in my bathroom.

  4. Mine is ALL over my room haha.

  5. your so neat, i love it! hehe! :)

  6. I like your makeup station. Mine's just...nomadic. lol. It just goes all over the place with me in my makeup cases. (-.-;;)

    haha yeah I bought so much manga and anime when I was younger that I finally had to start selling them to make up for all the money I spent on them lol. Thank gosh for Amazon and Ebay ;)

    Oh actually, the parts were for the boyfriend's car. I have yet to start looking for parts for my car (because of my ban) (T-T) I'll probably start looking around once I'm over in Hilo full-time. Hope you have better luck :S What're you looking for?

    Yeah it's been pretty hot and sunny on the west side for a while, but when I was over in Hilo this past weekend it was sooo hot and sunny! I was anticipating rain so I hadn't packed much summer clothes and ended up always sitting in front of the fan or in the AC. lol. :(

  7. Hey hun! Thank you so much for your suggestions! I really love stud earrings as well! I am def going to try to come up with some designs =).

    My contacts are just Gray from Freshlooks ColorBlends. I really like them but I really wish they would come in Torics (I have astigmitism). I'm too blind to have toric perscriptions :(

  8. very cute! mine are all in containers. ahaha

    anyways, i love coastal scents.. very good quality! u should buy an e/s palette from them. they are very pigmented and worth the money =]

  9. Mine's actually pretty tidy in a movable storage case from Target, will have to post a pic of it sometime.


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