Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tablet fun & Charm updates!

Hehe I am not very good at this yet lol xD

Also, here are the latest charms I have created! Again, my full charm listing can be found here at my charm sale blog: tini ♥ charms


  1. haha the "poop".. but i love the cute little bee!!!!! hehehe...super kawaii!

  2. oh my gosh!!! my BEEEEEEEEE!!!!! thank you thank you! oh and what size shirt do you wear erynn? i will start working on your shirt as soon as i get my new shipment of AA in.

  3. oOoOoh, the bumble bee is my favorite! I think that's what I might order from you ^__^ & I love how you took advantage of your tablet~! Can I look forward to all of your pictures from here on out having a touch of your writing on it? ;)

    & RYC - I didn't really get my face wet when we went to the beach, that's how my makeup is still on XD I wouldn't go very far into the water. lol

  4. that bee charm is so cuuute!

  5. Love your tablet! Where'd you get it from? I have a black wacom one. =(

  6. Those new charms are very cute! :D

    Yeah, they actually taste like Ramune! I love them! (>_<)v

    I know quite a bit of kanji, but last names can be a bit difficult because one name could have different variations of kanji characters. :S I like learning about kanji, but having to remember the kakikata (the correct steps to write the kanji) and the yomikata (reading) are a b*tch. :S


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