Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My tablet came in today!

YAY! :D Still haven't really hooked it up yet since Windows Vista is a fCkN BITCH!!! I HATE IT!!! I wish we still had XP :( It does this thing where at the most inopportune times, the screen will just go black and there's nothing you can do about it besides turn off the computer and restart it. Does this happen to anyone else with Vista? It's driving me crazy.

Plus, recently, my comp starting lagging insanely and taking forever to start up, etc. I don't recall having downloaded anything suspicious or having done anything differently, but my comp continues to lag and lag and lag. Even after anti-virus, anti-spyware, defragging, cleaning up folders, deleting stuff etc. etc. :(


  1. WOW that is niiiiiiiice. Hummm kinda sounds like my comp it would just completely freeze out of nowhere.. hubby had to whip out the entire computer and completely re-do it. If you still have the software the computer came with and some Data disks to store ALL of your stuff on it should be no trouble at all.

  2. and that is why kym owns a MAC. heheheh1 ;P oh and the straps... i was actually orginally going to say black but instead just said "surprise me" so black actually works out great!!! it will match the bee! hehe! :P thanks erynn! my email address for invoice is kbanguis@gmail.com

  3. omg i hate hate HATE vista!! I even asked to pay more to have XP when I bought my laptop... Sigh

    hehe yeah rabbits are pretty good pets... you gon't have to give them a lot of attention compare to puppies... but they do shed,and they poo a lot.. LOL

  4. Nice tablet. Do you use that to "write" instead of using the keyboard/mouse? I'm so computer illiterate!

  5. I dont really have a problem with Vista, except that it restarts all the time (I keep my PC on over night) or its massive updates...

    But when I installed one of the Adobe programs that came with my tablet, it disabled my C drive which REALLY sucked!!

    I've had my tablet since Dec and I STILL dont know how to use it LOL!

  6. wow for the new tablet, I am so used to typing so I don't even know if I'll be purchasing this in my life time :)


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