Monday, July 20, 2009

LOVE packs, ELF haul, awards!

I got 3 packages in the mail today! YAY! I was so surprised by this love package from the amazingly sweet and beautiful Dana! THANK YOU SO MUCH GIRL! You are so so soo thoughtful to do that for your followers! I can't thank you enough (: She sent me China Glaze & OPI nailpolishes since she read it on my wishlist (: falsies, nail art stickers, lipgloss, candies! And such a heartfelt little note :3 Totally made my day :D Again, thank you so much! ♥ If you haven't checked out her blog yet, please do~

Also, my crystal penguin charm from Cherrielantern came in today! She also threw in some extras! Thank you so much girlie :D I hope my penguin never EVER breaks :( I have bad luck with cellphone charms even when I am super careful with them :( If it ever does lol I will HAVE to order another from you!

So kawaii! I love it ^_^ She added some pearls too. If you want a Swarovski crystal animal of your own, be sure to stop by Crystalize Me!

Also, my ELF haul came in today! I ordered 3 nail polishes (blush, moonlight, royal purple) and an eyeshadow brush. Can't wait to try them all out! Heard some good stuff about the polishes.. thank goodness xD The e/s brush is a little stubbier than I imagined, but it's still super soft. I also got another candy shop lip tin and $5 giftcard (:

Unfortunately, I didn't wait to check the mail and made another ELF order of:
- Nail polish remover pads
- Eyeshadow primer
- Studio Kabuki brush
- Studio Powder brush
- Cuticle pen
- Blending wedges
- Makeup remover cleansing cloths

Ahh I just couldn't resist myself :( I hope all these items work good!!! Or are at least decent... I've heard mixed reviews -_-;;

I also got this Perky blogger award from Puff! Thank you so much! I give this award to eeeveryone out there :D


  1. Dana is so sweet for that!!
    That charm is so cute! I want a Hello Kitty one. lol

    Cute heart ring!!

  2. !!!! I love the bunny omg!! Is there anyway you can get pink cell phone strap? if not black is okay, I'm soo excited I already plan to hang it under my rear view mirror when I get it :)

  3. The bunny looks so cute :)♥

    And your gifts are all so good. Eee! Bet you were super excited to open it all.

  4. YaY I got a closeup of the ring! :) hehe

    & I'm so glad that you liked what I sent you~! ^__^

  5. nice haul!

    your rings are so pretty! he has an eye for gifts ^^

  6. ahhh, so much love! :) Julie's bunny is so cute! so chocolatey, makes me hungry.. hehe!

  7. aww your engagement ring is tooo pretty! :) And you've got wonderful love packages! You are a sweet person that's why people treat you nicely :D

  8. aww such a sweet sweet love package! <3<3 that penguin is too kawaii and well make!! :3 that bunny is so kawaii love the tail!! X3 I still want to get a charm from you too!! I just donno what yet >3<

    we have so much in common ne~ like twins LOL lets get inspired and make more creative stuff~ :D

  9. The penguin is so cute!!

    I love your lil bunny you made :)

  10. Yaay for goodies! :D And that penguin is way tooo cute :D

    Ugh, sorry about that lame post I put up. lol. I was half asleep when I posted it...meant to hit 'Save' instead of 'Publish' lol.

  11. omg!!! so many great stuff!! dana's such a sweetie and that penguin is just so adoreable!!!

    i LOVE the bunny!!! i'm obsessed with bunnies. i have two myself!! =P


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