Saturday, August 1, 2009

Latest Haul

Yay it's been like Christmas for me lately xD A new package(s) seems to come in every day lol. Only thing is I had to pay for it >_<

Anyways, my order from Shu Uemura came in (finally) and my haul from Cherry Culture. The Shu Uemura compact brush set is, well, extremely compact. Perfect for travel. I was a little shocked with how small it was, but the brush handles are just the right length for me. Will do a more detailed review soon, but for now, here's a little overview...

The blush/face brush is NOT soft at all. I was really disappointed in that. However, it is the perfect size and density for applying powder. The rest of the brushes are super tiny but VERY soft, silky, and firm. The case is sleek, compact, and has space for 2 more brushes! Great for travel.

I also cannot stress how much I LOVE Shu Uemura samples xD They give you this little tub of product that actually can last you a looong time. I'm still using the Phyto black lift anti wrinkle firming cream I got awhile ago and there is LOTS left. This time, I got their White Recovery EX+ cream... it's supposed to lighten and brighten the skin. Hopefully it'll work~ Will review later.

As for my CC haul, I got everything on sale + free shipping yay :D I got one double sided liner in black/beige (loving it!) and 2 round lipglosses in Natural and Whipped. Swatches coming soon!

Anyways, hope everyone is having a good weekend!!


  1. Hi! it's tiff k who ordered the panda charm! wow you really do love beauty products based from your site and you have a shop too! :p thanks!

  2. nice haul! that's too bad that blush brush is not soft,, :( the shu mika brush set that I got is really soft but the hair is in white, I would think it would be the same quality.. :/ but the sample is really nice :3

  3. i love the shueumura brush holder+brushes! lovely haul erynn! =]

  4. whipped is beautiful! =) and thanks for the brush reviews.. def a no for shu Uemura

  5. Hi EC! I received your package yesterday, but I haven't opened it yet (due to sickness). I gave some of the charms I ordered from you to the BF and friend and they LOVE it! I'm thinking of ordering again in the near future, Just gotta figure out what I have in mind. But for now, Do you think you can make a lil cow (white with black spots) and a monkey? Lemme know :)

  6. nice haul! haha i love getting packages as well! feels like christmas everyday... i've been on a shopping freeze but i still have some stuff coming in from past purchases that will keep me happy for awhile :D

  7. those brushes look so cute! and I spot some NYX!! ;) heh

    yeah my hair is naturally straight but with a slight curl... I envy those who have the dead straight hair like rachel in Friends so I got it straightened. It's not that bad for my hair since I only dye it twice per year and I barely curl it... I just leave it straight. Besides flat ironing it everyday is also not good because of the heat right? lol I figured whatever you do is not good for you so might as well straighten it and save the morning hassles!

  8. that's a great shu uemura brush set, I think I was shocked with how small the Body Shop travel brushes too..hahaha I can't even hold them well :) have a great week ahead!

  9. omgosh i know shu uemura is sooo generous with their samples! haha.. too bad the face brush isnt soft :( have u tried washing it? maybe with some gentle shampoo to soften it up a bit... :/

  10. I didn't order from CC in time when they had their free shipping, so I won't be making any purchases anytime soon :( But I'm glad you wwere able to take advantage of the free shipping!

  11. awesome haul, how long did it take for the CC order to come in? It took me 6 weeks for me to receive mines hence the reason why I don't order from them anymore.

  12. Nice haul :)

    Thanks for the mask tips! I'll check out that aspirin one :)

  13. I can do 8mm but that's only 2mm more and I'd have to go out and find some. The next size would be 18mm which are a little bit more than double. But reguardless of what you want, I'd have to go find some fist and it'd be more expensive. If you don't mind waiting I'd be happy to try working something out for you.

    And about hells, I've never even thought about them until Edna asked. I suppose I could incorporate bells into my charms. But I'd have to buy those too. lol Thanks for the ideas.

    But if you're really interested in buying something, I'll work things out for you and we can make exactly what you'd like :)

  14. Alright, the green one is yours! ^__^

    But can you just tell me your address to my email

    I won't have time to take care of your order before I leave, so I'll invoice though paypal when I get back. I hope you don't mind the wait, but I've got some more packing I need to do before the trip. Thank :)

  15. Tiff - thanks for dropping by (: I've already got to work on your charms hehe. Btw love your blog, it's so cute :D I ♥ pandas too~

    Eki - aww yeah I figured it would all be the same quality as regular brushes since Shu brushes are supposed to be high quality :( but oh well.

    Krystal - thanks hehe :D

    MK - hehe I'll do swatches soon. Excited to see how your banner turns out (;

    Edna - glad you got the package (: Will start working on a cow and a monkey soon~

    amynaree - can't wait for posts on your purchases hehe. What have you hauled lately? :D

    Julie - Hmmm I think I'll look into permanently straightening my hair then... I would love to just wake up with pin-straight hair!!

    Nikki - hehe these brushes are actually a good length for me as I have a hard time holding the longer brushes actually lol xD

    Kittzyy - Thanks for the idea!! I'll try that out (:

    Dana - Ooo I try never to miss out on free shipping lol xD

    Distinque - mine was really fast this time! I think it was about a week. Idk for me it depends. Sometimes it takes long and other times it's really fast, even from the same company, on diff. occassions. Idk what's up with that lol :P

    Mai - Def. check out the aspirin mask!! It's worked really well for my skin and made it super soft & smooth (:


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