Sunday, August 2, 2009


I feel so productive lol. Majorly cleaned and re-organized my whole room, including my makeup station and closet (: So here's what it looks like now~ got a little organizer drawer to hold more of my things so they're not all over the place :D

Half my closet; added a rolling organizer drawer

The other half of my closet; threw in my hoodies & jeans, shoes, and finally found a use for my penguin mat xD

Also, got this idea from Mai which has been floating around the blogosphere...
What would you like to know about me?
You can ask anything you want :P... what my fav beauty products are, what it's like to live in Hawaii, what my shoe size is O_o hehe xD if I get enough questions, I'll do a collective post answering all of them (;


  1. HI!
    I like your make-up orginizig new and old! Loos so exciting :P
    And btw, thanq for following my random blog :)

  2. Looks great! Want to come organize my closet? lol

    I want to see pictures of Hawaii. (:

  3. Nice organization of your room! Augh, I have to finish clearing old junk before I can reorganize. I'll definitely be glad when that time comes. lol.

    You should totally get over to Target ASAP. It's so amazing! They have so many different brands of makeup and skincare that I've never heard of before. lol. But then again, I don't really know of very many. XD

    OoOo chinchillas! I gotta go check those out! lol. I'm hoping to get a new aquarium and some more fish. My fish bowl won't cut it anymore. (^_^)

    Thanks for the question. I'll answer that in my next post :)

  4. Oh and my question for you is...

    Would you rather live in Hilo or in Kona, and why?

  5. oh that'd be a fun post! I can't wait to see what kind of questions people ask you.

    hmmm... What can I ask?

    What generation are you, how long as your family been in Hawaii?

    I ask because I'm like practically 5th generation, so I'm just curious what you are ;)

  6. Good job reorganizing your makeup station. Now you can come over and organize mine! JK

    Were you born/raised in Hawaii?
    If not, where were you born?
    If you had the $ to move out of HI, where would you go?
    Do you get island sickness?

  7. wow very organized and clean! i really need to start cleaning my makeup area too but no vanity yet =/

  8. wow! i'd love to have the same organizer! LOVE IT :) so organized!

  9. cleaaan, mine area is messy. =X

    hows is it like living in hawaii/?

  10. i love how you organized everything :). I really like that jewelry rack that you have on your rolling drawers. It just feels good to have everything nice and in orderly fashion. ^^


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