Monday, August 17, 2009

I ♥ Kym :D, clothes/hauls, and GRIPES :(

Four packages came in for me today: my F21 order, my Papaya order, my replacement Smashbox emulsion lip exfoliant (will explain later) ANDDDD! My long awaited package from KYM!!! :DDDD I was so glad to see it since I thought it was lost in the mail ;A;

Here's the awesome t-shirt she made for me... and for all the other cool kids out there whose names are spelled with a Y :D And she also made me the most awesomest penguin card EVER ^____^ You def. should come visit us, Kym!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥ ♥ ♥ Oh and I love Hi-Chew!! Yum yum :3 Check out Kym's custom shirts at HERROHACHI~ She has a spiffy collection of shirts and also does custom orders, so be sure to drop on by.

Isn't it so cute?!?!?!

And now, here is the part of this blog post where I will talk about my latest GRIPES that I've had with my recent clothing hauls.

THis semi-rant may or may not interest you, so you don't have to read it :P

These are the tops I ordered from I bought one Papaya tubetop from Everblue on Oahu and I really LOVED it. So I decided to buy more tops from that brand since I liked the style and quality. So I chose these 3. I think I've been buying clothes long enough to know that my size is small and only occasionally medium and rarely ever extra small anymore. But these tops are so awkwardly sized that I was really disappointed. They are all size small and looked absolutely great on the website and they are just the styles I like.

However, when I got them in and tried them on, it was a whole different story. They DO fit, just not comfortably :/ I pretty much conclude that THESE shirts, atleast, have been made for girls who:

1. Have NO "chest area",
2. Have extremely tiny ribcages, and
3. Have very wide hips.

I drew arrows so you can see what I'm talking about.

The bust area is really too tight to be very comfortable for anyone over an A cup. The top torso area is also rather tight and snug and doesn't stretch very well. And the bottom torso area is actually pretty wide and stretchy; seems like it could be a medium size :S Pretty much the only part of these tops that fit me comfortably is the waist, which is just the right fit, stretches just enough but is snug enough and doesn't prevent me from breathing. So overall, I was pretty disappointed. Again, these tops DO fit me and would fit a small/XS, but the dimensions aren't exactly on-point so it isn't the most comfy fit :(

Anyways, my order from F21 was mainly for their pants. I liked their Petite skinny jean so I ordered another pair except a 26 instead of 27 and they fit a lot better but a little snug at the waist... good motivation since I want to start losing weight anyway xP I also got their Alicia skinny jean in 26 but it feels more like a 27... it's longer and a bit baggier than the petite skinny jeans but still fits well. I was satisified with these.

L-R: Petite skinny jean, Alicia skinny jean. Those are pretty much my fav shoes (Nine West) that I never ever wear :P Yes, the are unbuckled lol.

Anyways, for the rest of my F21 haul, it was 2 of their fab convertible bras and a nailpolish (will review later). So as for the bras, you'll know in one of my recent posts that the first one I got was way too small for me (I usually go from 34B-32C) so I returned it and tried again. I got one white 32C and one black 36B.

Now here is the confusing part. I really wanted the white bra and I figured one cup size up; can't go wrong. Right? Wrong. Turns out, the black 36B is BIGGER than the white 32C. WTH??? The 32C doesn't feel very much more comfortable than the 34B I first tried... uh? Is there a difference between the white and black sizes or something? :/ KC said that F21's sizes run a little small... and this is definitely one of those experiences for me :( Both are still more snug than I'd like, but I'm too exasperated to return and try again, since now the only black ones that are left are too small and I've tried 2/3 of the white sizes and don't want to have to return another one. UGH!

What are some of your wardrobe shopping faux-paus?


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHH Erynn! i am SOO relieved the shirt got there.. especially my chubby little penguin! *phewwwwwwf* what the heck happened i wonder? it took almost 3 weeks! =S

    i have a shirt similar to what you described, it's REALLY tight in the chest area so my boobs can't breath!!!!! >:(

  2. I was wondering when we'd get to see you wearing the shirt! :) It's really cute. Love it!

    & good thing I haven't made an order from Papaya yet. I'll just stick to buying things in store since online isn't always too trustable =/

  3. oh i hate that about ordering online. thats one thing that is stopping me from shopping online. though the long wait of lines and the less mess i have to uncover to get something does make up for online shopping. lol im am so sorry you had to experince this. =(

  4. cute shirt from Kym! and yea you never know what you are gonna get sometimes with online ordering :/

  5. I have the same problem when I ordered from Victoria Secret. I know my panty size was small and in the store they're my size but when I order them online, they're like large. I dont get why its different when you order it online so I just stopped ordering from VS online lol.

  6. Oh very cool shirt from Kym! Hehe I love the card she made you. Sorry about the ill fitting clothing, I buy most of my clothes in person because I have to try everything on first lol. Girl you don't need to lose any weight! XD Those jeans look fab with those shoes, you should wear them out! It's hard but fun ordering online.

  7. Awww i'm sorry girl - i can't even imagine waiting for your package and then it not even coming out the way you like it. It' such a long process :\

    We have a Papaya locally so i'll drop by there to check things out here and there. So far my experieence with them have been straight up negative. I bought a tank top only for the seams to come undone. Talk about 'cheap' made & even in store, you'll try on two of the same things in the same size just different colors and they fit different. So i know what you mean :\

  8. i love the shirt!! and it looks so cute on you!

    that stinks about the shirt! i hope it won't be a hassle to return them =P

    and i have the blogger award created by you for you!! you've been such a great buddie blogger :)
    thanks so much hun.

  9. aww kawaii shirt by KYM!! :D looks good on ya <3 yeah buying cloth online is really hit or miss,,, its always miss for me its either too big or too small >__<

  10. Hey~ I've sent you a paypal invoice :) Your charm is finally done & I'll send it out tomorrow <3

  11. love the shirt! and such a cute card!! XD

    Ugh yeah, I'm always hesitant to buy intimates online...but VS is great so I stick with them most of the time.


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