Saturday, August 1, 2009

UO & Wet Seal haul

Pls bear with my cell phone cam pics xD

So 2 packages came in today yayyy (: I got my clothes orders! The first top is from Urban Outfitters and was on sale... it's very fitting since I'm practically, well, broke :P The next two tops are from Wet seal. The black tube top is similar to the orange one I posted about awhile ago that I looove, so I had to get one in black :P I also got another black scoop neck tee but the sleeves part is kind of tight so I might return it (or sell it :P)

These are also from Wet Seal and were on sale. The yellow stripes are looove. However, I found it kind of weird that the shirts I got are so LONG! I've never seen clothes this long before, makes me feel even more short :( Is it just because they assume everyone who buys is tall and skinny? But it's still wearable.

AND, as if that wasn't enough :P I bought more clothes (and slipppers) from Wet Seal again. So I'll be waiting for those to come in :D

I also got these flat slippers from Charlotte Russe.

I like them a lot :D Super cute and pretty comfy. The nailpolish I'm using is ELF polish in Moonlight... it's a silvery-white metallic color.

Also, my Etude House color me nude lip concealer came in from Korea!! This stuff basically erases my lips off my face... perfect for priming for longer lasting and more visible color since my lips are more on the pigmented side... now I don't need to try MAC lip erase anymore~

Will do a detailed review soon!!


  1. Cute stuff! I love that first shirt at the top. lol

  2. lol on your description of the Etude lip concealer! That sounds interesting since my lips are pigmented, so looking fwd to your review on that! Great haul, I love the "broke is the new black" tank!

  3. Can you do a review of the Etude House color me nude lip concealer ? Or show the difference between your lipstick when you do and don't have the concealer on :)

  4. Oh please do a review on the lip thingie! My lips are pigmented too and its so frustrating! I think my top is more pigmented than my bottom so when I wear light lipstick it just looks... really really odd.

  5. Don't you love Korean Cosmetics?!

    My mom always buys me skincare products and what not when she can (I'm half Korean) so she's really big on skin care. Even if i break out with 1 measly pimple - she freaks out saying i don't take care of my skin. Haha!

  6. Rai - it was on sale I just had to buy it hehe

    amynaree - thanks for the comment (: it's working good so far

    Dana - review coming soon!~ I will post before and after pics (:

    Marie - I know what you mean! I wish I could wear lighter color lippies and the color would show up! I haven't really tried any colored products with it yet but I will soon (:

    Cheechun - yes I'm really starting to get into all these asian cosmetics :D I was really skeptic at first but they're actually really good! Lol @ your mom freaking out xD My mom is the same way... except she doesn't buy me anything... she just nags about it xD

  7. Cute haul :) I think long shirts/tees are in now. Wear it with a cute belt!


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