Monday, August 10, 2009

Skinfood Lime Secret Glow pact #3 review

I received this awhile ago, and I've been using it for about a week. I'd have to say it's not what I expected; but I am not disappointed nor totally won-over with this foundation.

$13.19 with free shipping (from this ebay seller)

Product description: A compact powder with Lime extracts to protect the skin. Subtle reflecting pigments add elasticity and glow to the skin.

Directions: Create different effects by using different sides of the enclosed sponge. Use the flocked side for a porcelain glow and the latex side for a moist glow.

The good stuff:
  • Compact is convenient for on the go
  • Gives skin a nice dewy glow
  • Smells nice I guess
  • Sheer, natural coverage

The low-down:

  • Only 3 shades to choose from
  • Some people might not like the smell
  • The compact is kind of bulky but there doesn't seem like much product
  • Lots of shimmer if you apply too much
  • Expensive, only available online

My take: Well, I like and I don't like this foundation. I like that the coverage is sheer and natural HOWEVER if you want more coverage and you continue applying layers, you'll end up looking like a disco ball! The same nice subtle highlight that gives you a fresh dewy look when applied lightly will end up making you light up like crazy with shimmer if you're in search of heavier coverage. The more layers you put on, the more shimmery it gets. So this is more for people who either want a super sparkly look or can go with a super sheer natural dewy look.

There are only 3 shades (I got #3 Natural glow) and the first 2 are super light and pale looking so I chose #3. It looked like it would be my skin tone but when I got it, I was worried! The powder has this pinky/peachy tone to it O_o however when I applied it, it matched my skin tone very well. I only use a little bit becaue I don't need much coverage and it gives the sweetest, freshest, dewiest look EVER. So if you're into supple healthy skin, this is for you~

Also, I like that the compact has a plastic separator for the sponge so it doesn't come into contact with the powder. I actually like using this sponge, as the directions say you can use the different sides of the sponge to create different finishes. The flocked side is like a regular sponge... Idk what "porcelain" glow means but it gives a more powdered look than the latex side, which pretty much does give a "moist" and dewy look to the skin. I prefer that side. I haven't tried to apply this with a brush yet... will soon.

The compact itself is half cardboard/paperish and half plastic. It's nice looking I suppose, but kind of bulky. Also, when you open it up, it seems like there should be a lot more product in there for the size of the compact. However, pressed powders do tend to last me a long time so this is not a problem for me. It has a fresh lime scent which may bother some people though. The only other 2 let downs are the price and availablitity.

The camera kind of picked it up real crazy-like; the shimmer isn't THAT intense, but you get the idea.


  1. Hi!

    This is my first time coming across your blog and I must say you write great reviews! I was very interested in buying this product from ebay but your review has made me change me mind! lol I do not want a sparkly powder. Thanks for writing this great review, I'll be following your blog from now on. ^^

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    Thank you!

  2. I like lemon scent! Maybe I should try this out. :)

  3. thanks for the review! i've been curious about skinfood make up line for far i'm loving their skincare line :) i love that seller from ebay, I get my Etude stuff from her

  4. Haha I can't help it! I just have to share my online shopping crave. :D I love the EDM lipglosses!! (They're the only EDM I've tried so far. lol)

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I lovvvveee the design of your blog!!

  6. KC - thanks so much for the sweet comment (: Love your blog as well~

    Denysia - yes yes it smells pretty nice but I guess it can be a bit much if you smell it too long lol xD

    Amy - You should try some of their makeup! I love their BB cream so far (: Ooo what kind of EH stuff do you have?

    Mai - Aughh my wallet; it suffers xD I love EDM lipglosses too :D Have you noticed yours drying out?

    lipton|TEE - thanks so much :D

  7. Hi
    This is not a foundation, actually this is more like a "finishing pact" for those who want to highlight

    like a natural powder highlighter

  8. i find it perfect on some specific areas for highlight only. Won't recommend for entire face.


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