Saturday, July 10, 2010

NOTD: Water Marbling Attempt #2 + More Nail Art Tips!

Hello loves! So here is my 2nd attempt at water marbling, which I think turned out much better. Like I mentioned yesterday, I used the Pure Ice pearl white colored polish as a base. Then for the marbling, I used China Glaze It's Poppin' and OPI Oh So Glam! Then I threw on some Konad nail stickers.

Left hand:

Right hand:

I got a few questions if I got polish all over my fingers while dipping, or if I taped my fingers.

I was actually too lazy (lol wtf, I know!) to find tape to tape my fingers. So I did get polish all over my fingers :P But I want to share my fav nail tip: Paint your nails messily. Get polish onto your cuticles. Don't worry about it! What I do after is soak my hands in hot water or take a hot shower after I do my nails. Then the polish peels right off! It's a little time consuming to peel it off but less tedious than using nail polish remover or taking forever trying to paint your nails perfectly!

But... I would suggest you tape your fingers or rub vaseline around your nails because then you can peel the tape off or wipe the vaseline right off so you won't get polish all over your fingers : )

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