Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Super Cute Tops -- Deals from Walmart!

I feel like it's about time for a post on a more *upbeat* note, after all the negativity that has been circulating due to the NYT circle lens article. So I'm here to share some fashion deals today ^.^ I don't ONLY go to Walmart to shop for makeup/skincare. I dabble in the clothing/shoe department from time to time. Sadly; all the cute shoes I want were too big for me, so I headed to clothes. I find some pretty awesome deals at Walmart from time to time ;)

I found the uber cutest shirt EVAR the other day. But they only had one, and only in blue :( Oh well, it's still super cute! The tag said $12 but when I bought it, it was $9! :D

The big bow is so kawaii. Love it ♥

And I found another grungy-vintage rocker-chic type shirt for only $9 too! They had a few more styles but I liked this one best because of the wing at the top and the fleur de lis in the corner : )

Ignore the tag, still haven't taken it off :P

Idk if these tops are old news on the Mainland and we've just gotten them here in Hawaii or not; but I love them and they were so cheap. SO... you CAN find gems in the Walmart clothing department!

PS - Walmart bras are AWESOME (I think it's the Fruit of the Loom brand? The pink/white or black/pink ones). One of the best fits/lift I've EVER tried :P And, ONLY $10!!!

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