Saturday, July 10, 2010

NOTD: Water Marbling Attempt #1 + Walmart Clothes/Polish Haul

Hello loves! Last night I was watching tutorials on youtube by SimpleLittlePleasures and was totally enamored with all of her water marble designs. I haven't tried this nail art technique yet, so I decided to give it a go... at 3am wtf! Lol. I tried a bunch of different patterns and dipping angles.. so each of my nails is different.

I used China Glaze Limonyte, OPI Oh So Glam!, and China Glaze It's Poppin
Right hand:

For those who are not familiar with the water marble technique, you need a small container with water, and then you drop polish into it. The polish spreads across the surface of the water, and you continue adding drops to create a "bullseye." When you have all the colors you want, you take an orange stick (I didn't have one so I used a bamboo skewer) and then gently draw designs in the polish. Then you dip your nail into the polish/water and voila! You get a pretty "marbled" design on your nails.
Water marbling is VERY trial and error. SimpleLittlePleasures recommends filtered, room temperature water. I used bottled water and it seemed to work okay. Also, finding polishes that marble well was a challenge. Limonyte barely spread out at all; it was too thick. It's Poppin spread out really well and showed up really bold. Oh So Glam! spread out really easily but was VERY sheer. I have not tried all my polishes with water marbling yet; but thick polishes are a no-go and so are sheer, shimmery polishes. If it takes more than 2 coats to be opaque on your nails; it will not work well with water marbling.
My right thumb was my fav :P

Left hand:
Turned out rather crappy :P Do not pull your finger out of the water too quickly and make sure to pick up the excess polish off the surface of the water with your orange stick/tool before taking your finger out of the water or else your design will smear (thumb). Also, don't try to double dip unless you have lots of empty space on your nail! I ruined my pinky by trying to do another layer.

I have since re-done my nails with another (better ;P) water marble design... which I will post tomorrow : )

Have you tried water marbling?

I also hit up Walmart again since I was looking for more polishes to use with water marbling. I picked up some Pure Ice polishes for $2... pretty colors. Unfortunately, the purple and blue shades were too sheer/shimmery for water marbling. Gorgeous and great for a regular mani though! I used the pearl white polish as a base shade for my second water marble design and it worked well though!

And OMG. I found the bow top in PINK!!!!SOOOO HAPPPY!!! ^___^ If you like cute bows, I suggest you search your Walmart for these tops! They're only $9!

I also got a loose-fitting tunic-y top with a gorgeous crochet back for only $12! I've mentioned this a couple times but I LOVE LOVE LOVE crochet/lace back tops. Ignore the tag/bra straps lol.

Yes, I have no ass... lulz XD

Found any good deals at Walmart lately?

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