Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forever21 Clothes Haul + How to save your money: Opt-out of the magazine subscription! + PROMO CODE!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share a recent order I made with F21. This time, I am happy to say that I am more or less satisfied with EVERYTHING I ordered. And this is a good thing because in my past unsatisfactory orders; I have come to discover the complete lack of customer service F21 has! So needless to say, I don't even bother contacting F21 anymore if I have complaints... because they don't reply to me at all, or if they do, their reply is never helpful! ...But I still love shopping there :P

***Another little tidbit about myself... I pretty much always buy stuff on sale, or with a promo code, or if there's some kind of special going on. So basically everything I buy from F21 is either on sale, a Fabulous Find, or from their Daily Specials. Some may call that "cheap-ass"... but I call it "shopping smart" ;)

So anywho, here's what I ordered:

Fab Denim Shorts -- $10.50
Embossed Pocket Denim Shorts (Daily Special) -- $14.24

Fab Plaid Dress -- $9.50

Mineral Royal Tee -- $9.99
(on sale from $19)

Fab Zippered Pocket Skinny Jeans -- $14.50

Fab Ribbed Knit Tank x2 (black & coral) -- $3.50 ea.
Fab Loop Buttoned Pocket Short (black) -- $8.50

Also, I have been receiving so many free magazine subscriptions from online stores I shop at... and it's been driving me nuts! I guess I never read the fine print about automatically getting a free sub with $XX purchase. But no, I do not want to read Teen Vogue or OK or Lucky! Ugh!

So this time, I decided to read the terms and conditions of the subscription offer upon checkout at F21. And I don't know if this is common knowledge and I am the only one behind on it (lol)... but as it turns out, you can opt-out of the magazine subscription and get money back for what the subscription was worth! $10, infact! :D All you have to do is fill out a form and mail it to F21 with a copy of your invoice within 30 days. Easy peasy.

I haven't mailed it out yet but better get it! -_-; But I have faith that they'll come through.
(Or else I'll launch a relentless angry email spree on them!!!)

Oh and don't forget, F21 is having free shipping with promo code STANDOUT on orders of $40+ until this Sunday!

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