Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tech time! MacBook Pro & iPod Touch :]

Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop in today to do a post on my two latest technology loves:

I had been wanting a laptop of my own for awhile now, and I was starting to need one for school. And awesomely, this special offer for a free (with rebate) iTouch with the purchase of any Mac computer came up! :D So I finally decided to take the plunge into the wonderful world of Apple. I'm actually more of a PC person but I've been getting so fed up with our home computer (UGH, VISTA SHOULD DIE!!!) lately, and I work on Macs at school; so it wasn't a difficult transition.

I decided on the 15" MacBook Pro (and 8BG iTouch -- so the Mister HAD to go out and get an iPhone just to 1up me. Jerk -_-;). It will also come very much in handy since I'm pursuing the field of Digital Media Arts -- graphic design, web design, video editing, etc.

I am so grateful for scholarships :)

So maybe I'll finally start working on getting some videos up? Who knows ;)

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