Thursday, July 8, 2010

Latest MACquisitions from In the Groove: "Jazzed" Cremesheen Lipstick & "On The Scene" Cremesheen glass [Pics + Swatches]

Hello loves! Today I have some pictures & swatches to share with you since I was lucky enough to get first crack at the In The Groove collection at our Macy's MAC counter last night : ) I talked to a really nice guy MUA who was was so kind to let me put some stuff on the side; since I knew I only REALLY wanted 2 things from this collection:

Cremesheen glass in "On The Scene" and Cremesheen lipstick in "Jazzed" usual, I had giftcards, so I only ended up paying $2.50 ;)

...The picture below is a crappy color representation of "On The Scene," it's not that pale. My camera sucks. The second picture (after the lipstick) is true to color.

Jazzed is described as a "Bright coral pink"

On The Scene is described as a "Light coral beige"

L-R: On The Scene, Jazzed.

And here's some swatches comparing Jazzed to Ravishing, just incase anyone's interested :P ...At first I thought they'd be similar.

But clearly, they are not. Ravishing is darker and much more coral-peach (looks very coral on lips), while Jazzed is lighter (but shows up brighter and bolder on lips) and is pinky-coral. It's a really fun, fresh, summery shade. Very pretty ♥

On The Scene
is pale coral and very sheer. It takes lots of layers for a hint of color to show up but I like that it nicely mutes the pigmentation of my lips for a nude lip look and is VERY shiny and glossy ♥ Not nearly as sticky as I thought it would be... I'm really diggin' Cremesheens / Dazzelglass cremes now. Still not too keen on Lustreglasses after my last unsavory experience with Love Nectar.

L-R: Jazzed, On The Scene

(maybe) strangely enough, I wasn't all that interested in the fawned-over Stereo Rose MSF, and Petticoat either. Idk if it's just me... but even though the blended shades are nice; the MSFs just look really unaesthetically pleasing to me :P Anywho, I figure our counter doesn't seem to sell out of even LE stuff too quickly, so it'll probably still be there for awhile, if I ever get the urge :P The only other thing I was remotely interested in was their Mineralize Blush Duo in Hang Loose ...because of the lilac shade, of course!

Did you get anything from MAC's In The Groove collection?

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