Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Benefit Erase Paste review

Although I've heard people rave about this concealer, it didn't impress me. In fact, it kind of disgusted me. I got a sample size of the medium color from my last order from Sephora and I was rather looking forward to using it. However, when I did use it, I was very, very, VERY, dissatisfied with it. I mean, it has its good points, but not many.

Product Description: What it is: A brightening camouflage for the eyes and face. What it does: Benefit Erase Paste is a concentrated, creamy, blendable concealer that instantly brightens and camouflages all-in-one. It has an innovative formula which makes sure signs of stress and fatigue are a thing of the past. These three brightening neutral shades give every gal correction perfection.

Pros: coverage can be built up from light to heavy (a little goes a long way), did seem to brighten undereye area a bit.

Cons: VERY thick, weird pinkish undertone (only 3 shades available: light, medium, deep), lots of rubbing/tugging to apply... it does NOT go on smooth and blendable, emphasized the dryness and fine lines around my eyes A LOT (dried to a powdery appearance).

What I thought about it: Although the coverage amount is definately something to be happy about, the application is not. My eye area already has enough fine lines and darkness and having to rub and tug this thick stuff around was not fun. It's just too damn thick to blend easily. Plus, even the medium tone did not match my skin tone well... yellow tones are better for me and better for concealing. This had a pinkish undertone. After smoothing it out the best I could, I noticed right away that the dryness around my eyes was very emphasized. It also settled into my fine lines after awhile and overall just looked gross. I will give that it did brighten my eye area, but I was not able to fully conceal my undereye circles because of the fact that I didn't want to have to apply more and have to rub and tug it around. However, this is a better spot concealer for pimples or red spots. I think people with minimal dark circles and without dry skin would probably fare better with this concealer. According to Benefit, this can also be used all over the face. However, I would not do this since it's so thick... it seems highly likely that it would clog your pores :X

edit/ I tried liberally applying some moisturizer around my eyes before applying the erase paste today, and it smoothed and blended a LITTLE better, but not much. The effect was still the same and it still dried to a powdery and dry appearance.

On another note, all of Benefit's products are hella expensive. Idk about their other products, but the tiny Erase Paste pot is NOT worth $26 imo unless this REALLY works well for you. Boi-ing is only $18, so I might try that one later on.


  1. thanks for the honest review:)

    btw, you are sooo pretty!!

  2. No problem, I guess it's only good for some people :P & Thanks! You're gorgeous too (:


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