Friday, April 17, 2009

Geo Circle lens review

So, I just received my circle lenses yesterday. I ordered mine from Phyllis @ Makeup For Life. They were $30, shipping and handling included. I got Geo Brown, both in 00 power (so I could wear them with my glasses & since I don't know my perscription ><). And I'd have to say, I'm definitely satisfied with them. The only trouble I had was with opening the bottle :S Here's instructions that I SHOULD have read lol. The top cap was hard for me to pop off (I am SO weak lol) and it didn't break the aluminum ring the whole way. So I had to rip it off with my fingers and scissors, which worked pretty well; except for the fact that I cut myself on the aluminum, twice xD

Anyways, these are actually more comfortable than my regular contacts! Wth? Yes! I thought I'd have trouble with them since they are larger than normal contacts, but they are actually pretty comfortable and don't irritate my eyes. I've had a lot of trouble with perscription contacts in the past, so this was a surprise. This color is GREAT for a natural look. It really gives a clear, doll-eyed look that widens your eyes and makes them appear bigger and brighter. They're cute but I don't think I'll wear them everyday, just because contacts are a hassle for me to put in, take out, and clean all the time :P I'm very lazy like that. These will last up to 1 year with proper care.

I like these a lot, and I'm thinking about getting other colors; maybe green or purple. They are actually very natural looking. However, I'm not sure when is the next time there will be more ordering opportunities. I was going to try buying some from SGlenses, since their prices were on the inexpensive side, but apparently their sales are closed :( Anyways, I'll be on the hunt for other places to order circle lenses.


  1. wow.I"ve always wanted to try Circle lenses but I've never worn any contact lenses in my whole life and my eyes are quite sensitive, so I gave it up :) But I love seeing people using them :) Thanks!

  2. @ Askmewhats - You should try them! I have really sensitive eyes too like I mentioned, even perscribed lenses were hard for me to wear! But these are really comfortable (:


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