Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ULTA nailpolish review

I have 4 Ulta nail polishes that I've received as gifts (why all pink? Idk). I figured I'd post a little bit about them. They are $5 from Ulta's website.

The two ones at the right are original formulas, and the two on the left are different. "Princess" is Super Sheer, and "Sweet Nothing" is Salon Formula.

The weird thing about the two in the middle is that they used to be the same color. They are both "Sweet Nothing," but the one on the right changed color over time. However, the consistency did not change; it's still usable... so I'm wondering what happened to it. This didn't happen to any of my other Ulta polishes. I'm not sure if this is just something that happens over time.

"Princess" is, like it says, a sheer pink color with gold tones. It's a pretty color. "Sweet Nothing" looks french manicure pink in the bottle but is a VERY sheer wash of pink that appears more clear, if anything. It's a nice everyday look. "Diva" is a pearlescent soft baby pink shade with glitter. It's a cute color.

Ulta nail polishes are pretty good, considering I usually have issues with nail polishes. Every one I've ever used doesn't dry fast, needs a lot of coats, stays tacky, chips easily, dries up in the bottle, etc. These dry relatively quickly and last a long time without chipping. The polish does tend to clump if you do to many coats (but what nail polish DOESN'T), so I usually only do 1 coat, which is enough. The polish goes on smoothly and easily, and doesn't get tacky on the brush. I've had these for YEARS and they haven't dried, separated, changed consistency, or color (except for Sweet Nothing) like all my other polishes have done.

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