Monday, April 6, 2009

Nailene french manicure kit review

I've been wanting to try Sally Hansen's new nail art pens but we don't have them here. So thanks goes to the hubby for buying me this French Manicure kit by Nailene and for painstakingly tipping and painting my fingernails and toenails for me (I don't have the pictures anymore but he did a hella good job!). Anyway, it's around $9 which isn't too bad, and it works VERY well.

It comes with two polishes and a french tip pen. The pen is GREAT because you can use it to make a fine or thin line that dries pretty quickly, and can be chipped off very easily if you make mistakes.

The french manicure pink color is the perfect shade and dries shiny. However, it doesn't dry TOO quickly, so you have to be patient. The acrylic strong topcoat does a great job preventing against chipping... I would know since I've kicked a lot of stuff and the polish hasn't chipped or flaked at all! It lasts a really long time.

This kit is GREAT since one of my biggest beauty pet peeves is that I MUST have my toes tipped at all times. Why? I don't know. I just like it that way lol :P So now I can do my own in-home pedicure any time I want. Or maybe I'll let the hubby do it for me lol.

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