Monday, April 6, 2009

Kirkland Borghese brush set review

So, here's my review on the Kirkland Signature Borghese Brush set! I've never tried brushes from Costco, so I made sure to read a couple of reviews to find out how they fare; which was surprisingly well. They're a steal for only About $22 for this 10 piece set. The best aspects of these brushes for me (besides the price and quantity) is that the brush bristles are super soft and not harsh on my skin at all. Also, the handles are white with a cute little rhinestone :P Semi-tacky, but still cute. They also come with a carrying case (which is also semi-tacky but somewhat cute and convenient).

I forgot to take a picture of the Face and Body Brush filled with mineral shimmer powder, so I got this image off google. I figured I'd start out my review on this product, since it's the only one I don't quite like.


Product Description: Our luxurious face and body brush with an innovative open/close feature is filled with pure Kirkland Signature by Borghese Mineral Shimmer Powder for adding shimmer and glow to your face and body. Perfect for all skin types, this weightless powder is talc-free, fragrance-free, mineral-oil free, and triple-milled for a luxuriously silky texture. Apply mineral shimmer powder for a soft, luminous sparkle to your face and body.

What I thought: Although I do like the design of this brush (twist open/close with powder in the "handle"), the shimmer powder is way too shimmery. It's hard to apply just a little bit, and a lot ends up coming out and flying all over the place. If you just get a light dusting though, it gives a nice, soft shimmer. However, with the amount that puffs out, you end up looking more like a sparkly disco ball. I wouldn't discount this entirely, though, because the brush is soft and if you are able to get just the right amount of shimmer powder on your skin, it gives a nice glow.

I didn't try out all the brushes yet, but I'll review what I've done so far and update the rest later. The order of the brush reviews starts from the left and goes to the right (in the second & third picture).


Product Description: This luxurious Large Powder Brush is amply sized and ideal to use with pressed powder. It dusts just the right amount of powder on the skin for an even, polished look.

What I thought: This brush is great for buffing in mineral powder foundation. I didn't use it to apply my foundation, just to even out what I had already applied. It worked great to soften out my foundation and give it a soft, even-toned look.


Product Description: The Duo-Fiber blending brush is a full circular face brush used for the lightweight application of fluid, cream, or powders. With two levels of soft bristles, it blends color effortlessly to create soft layers and textures.

What I thought: To me, it is kind of soft, flexible, and the bristles aren't too compacted, so it's best to use this similar to the large powder brush to help buff and blend foundation. I personally wouldn't use it with liquid or cream foundations (I think it would leave streaks but I haven't tested this out- I don't use liquid foundation atm). However, this brush is an excellent stippling brush and I use it to apply a light layer of highlight or bronzer for a soft effect.


Product Description: Achieve flawless foundation application with the Foundation Brush. It creates an evenly blended, polished look. This brush can be used with all types of foundation formulas.

What I thought: I am LOVE with this brush! It's silky soft and totally great for mineral powder foundation. I find that I get better results using a makeup brush instead of a sponge to apply foundation; the looks is so much smoother looking. Although I still want a kabuki brush, this'll definately do for now. It is great for all-0ver application that blends right in with your skin. It doesn't leave brush streaks as well.


Product Description: This eyeshadow brush applies just the right amount of eyeshadow to the lid.

What I thought: I don't really care for applying e/s with a brush, so I don't really use this for that purpose. It works GREAT, and I mean TOTALLY GREAT as a large concealer brush. I use this for powder only, to apply around my eyes, nose, and chin. It doesn't leave any streaks since the bristles are so soft. It's great for getting tiny spots and covering them flawlessly.


Product Description: The Eye Blending Brush expertly applies eyeshadow color within the eye crease to add depth and blends to soften any harsh lines or edges.

What I thought: The bristles are nice and soft, but not too firm (I mean, they are firm enough, but I still don't care for using it). It works okay for blending I guess; but I already have my personal favorite brush for blending so I rarely use this one.


Product Description: This flat eyeliner brush is used with darker eyeshadow shades. This brush is shaped to create a bolder, precise, and even line. It can be used dry or wet with the shadow.

What I thought: Like I mentioned, I don't really use brushes to apply e/s, but I did try this one to apply a thin line of eyeshadow like a liner. It worked pretty well since the brushes are firm and compact in a line. However, I think it would have worked better if I applied the shadow wet. I might try that later.


Product Description: The eye smudger is ideal for creating beautiful, smoky eyes.

What I thought: I only used this once and I think it's kind of unnecessary but can be useful at times. It's really hard and kind of tugs at your eye, so I think it's easier to smudge and blend with a brush. However, it does what it's supposed to and works well for smudging eyeliner and eyeshadow.


Product Description: The Brow Brush and Spooley Duo has an angled brow brush on one end to expertly fill in brows with color to strengthen thin or sparse brows. This brush can also be used to softly line eyes with gel or powder. The spooley on the other end is used to groom and brush brows into shape for a natural, finished look.

What I thought: It's great I finally have an actual brow brush, since I've been needing one. Now, I just need some brow powder lol :P I've just been using regular brown/black eyeshadow. Hopefully when I get some, application will be more lasting. I've got no complaints with the spooley, as they all work the same way :P The only complaint I had about this brush was that A couple strands of bristles fell out! Er, well, I "pulled" them out since they were sticking out; they came out super easy. However, after I pulled out those bristles, the brush itself still held its shape and worked fine. I guess it was just a little defect. Just as the description says, this brush works well for filling in sparse spots and strengthening the brow.

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