Monday, April 13, 2009

I miss ZA NY's two-way foundation :[

ZA NY's two-way foundation used to be my HG pressed powder foundation a couple years back, until I found out they stopped selling their products in Hawaii and Australia. Why? I have no idea. Currently, ZA cosmetics are currently only available in: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam. WORST THING EVER. It was only $12 which is relatively reasonable, considering how expensive worthwhile foundations usually are. The best part about these foundations? THEY HAVE SPF 20 and PA++!!!

I also used ZA's True White two-way foundation, but I found the original one to be my favorite. The original two-way foundation has 8 shades, while the true white has only 4 shades (pinkish undertones). However, the true white really did give a nice whitening and brightening effect to my skin while retaining the same finish as the original. But I didn't like it as much because of the limited variety of shades.

On the skin tone scale (when I was using this) I used a No. 34! Wtf? Yes, I was THAT tan :P But with my current skintone, I'm probably around a No. 22 (I can range between pink-yellow undertones for some reason). The only place I could find this was from this ebay seller who was very professional about answering the questions I had about it. Unfortunately (for me and my wallet), it runs for $25.55 with $5.55 shipping from Singapore w/o tax. So a bit over $31 for only the refill, NOT the entire case with applicator sponge. Again, unfortunately for me, I threw away my case and sponge after I used all the foundation because I assumed ZA would always be around :(

Anyways, I figured I'd go over some of the points that made this foundation my all-time favorite (unforgettable!) while I ponder whether or not I should place my order :(


Product Description: A two-way powder foundation that can be applied with or without water. Achieves bright, smooth skin while simultaneously protecting the skin from UV attack. A natural finish that lasts for hours.

Pros: comes in a cute, slim compact with a squishy soft sponge applicator, reasonable price, gives a silky smooth, long lasting matte coverage, hides imperfections, redness, dark circles, evens skin tone, has spf 20 and PA++, doesn't make skin look dry, controls oil, wide variety of shades for yellow and pink undertones.

Cons: the pan is a bit small... it still lasts pretty long though.

What I thought about it: This was the BEST foundation I have ever tried from my experience! Just read the Pros :D The coverage was GREAT for concealing redness and dark spots while not looking heavy or cakey; just smooth, fresh, and clear. It was also the longest lasting wear I've ever had that controlled shine all day. I MISS IT SO MUCH! :(


Product Description: Inhibits melanin production while providing the skin with solid protection from UV rays. Thoroughly covers up even conspicuous pores and dullness while achieving a natural finish with a fabulous clarity.

Pros: brightened and whitened my skin tone and complexion after continuous use + the same pros as mentioned above.

Cons: limited variety of shades + the cons mentioned above.

What I thought about it: The coverage of this was the same as the original two-way foundation and it did have a subtle lightening effect on my skin after using it for awhile. The only downside is that there are only 4 shades available and they ran a little pinkish imo so it was slightly too light for my skintone. However, it wasn't that bad and it still gave the same flawless, smooth finish.

Also, if you don't know what PA++ is, here's what I found on Yahoo!Answers:

"PA is a different indicator of protection for the skin. It's usually found after the SPF number. SPF is a sun protection factor of UVB rays. PA is used to measure the protection factor of UVA rays. I don't think they have means of measuring or studying the degree of UVA rays and how quickly they can be absorbed into the skin so they can't numerically tell you how much protection is in them exactly. There are 3 degrees of PA which are PA+, PA++, and PA+++. Of course, the higher the plus, the more protection."

You learn something new every day (;

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