Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A case of swaplifting, or something worse?

I had originally posted about this issue on my Sidestories blog because I didn't want to broadcast it throughout the beauty blogosphere + name & shame without getting some second opinions. You can read the original post here:

While some people may think it rude to straight-up name & shame, I think I've waited a damn sufficient amount of time, and would like to know, does anyone know what has become of this blogger: http://aniiita89.blogspot.com/?

Here's the situation:

We decided to do a swap. She wanted to try some ELF items but because of where she lived, the shipping was high. I said I would be glad to help her out and order her what she wanted. This was during the end of October, last year. She said she was going to HK soon, and asked if I wanted anything from there. I told her I was interested in any asian brand beauty products & lashes. She said she'd get me some while she was in HK, if I wouldn't mind waiting a bit for her package, because she'd be there for like a month. So I said okay.

The last time I heard from her was on October 23, 2009. I ordered her items & mailed out her package on November 16, 2009. And I haven't heard from her since.

I emailed her 2 weeks ago (from when this post was written... March 6 or so), asking very nicely if she had received my package or not. No reply. So after waiting 2 weeks, I emailed her tonight (bear in mind this post was written on 3/20/10... it is has been nearly 3 and a half weeks since then), informing her that I had emailed her 2 weeks ago, and that it had been nearly 5 months since we agreed to swap.

I am not really anticipating a reply anymore.

However, I don't want to be a total bitch right off the bat because you never know what's going on in people's lives. For all I know, she might have some family problems or personal problems, or worse.... something might have happened to her? I don't want to be judgemental and rude if something really is going on in her life. She seemed like a really nice person and popular blogger at the time. But now, it's like she just dropped off the face of the earth. She told me she'd be in HK for a month. But it's been 6 MONTHS.

Is it really that much to at least expect a REPLY from her? Like at least take 2 minutes out of your day to say SOMETHING. I don't even know if she got my package or not (although Idk why she wouldn't have) And maybe she's already enjoyed everything I got her and had no intention of completing the swap? Or maybe she really didn't get the package? But then why wouldn't she have emailed me? Is she STILL in HK, even though she told me that she'd be there for 1 month? Has she decided to live there and skip (blogger)town?

She REALLY didn't come across as the type that would be so inconsiderate. But that's the internet for ya, I guess. You never really know who you're dealing with. Maybe she feels guilty by now that it's been so long, so she's avoiding my emails? Maybe she got some kind of incurable disease and can't communicate? Or maybe she doesn't have internet? God forbid that anything bad happened to her but still... I'm just... ugh. Idk what to think. I've heard so many stories about swaplifting, but I never thought I'd go through it.

What do you think I should do?
Should I keep trying to email her? Or just forget about it?
Have you ever been swaplifted?
What did you do?


  1. aww thats horrible!! but i understand that maybe something DID happen to her. i think to save you from stress, you should just let it go..i wouldnt expect any reply from her either. i mean come on, its been 6 months. hopefully you didnt lose too much money!! >__<

  2. Hmm sounds like a tough and frustrating situation. I had a swap that took six months to finalize with little or no communication so I can relate. I know you probably feel taken advantage of and the best thing I can offer is try not to think about it. It's a loss on her part because you could have been a really great friend. ^^ Hmm so terrible that swap-lifting happens among established bloggers. Hopefully she will get the package to you eventually if her life is hectic. :( Feel better!

  3. Oh my goodness. Sounds like an awful situation. I've only had positive international swap experiences. Like Lisaa said above who knows maybe something has happened to her. I do hope it isn't a case of swap lifting though. I think that after six months it's probably best to try to let it go, hard as it may be.

  4. Getting swaplifted really sucks. That's why I'm not taking the chance. It's true that maybe happened in her life or etc., but even though your having a hectic life, answering a email doesn't take THAT much time. I'm going through some tough times right now but I still answer to my emails!

    Anyways, I think that if she didn't answered you after 6months.. She'll never do. I hope you didn't lose too much money. And no your not being a bitch lol :)

  5. Oh geez. =( Damn, I thought she was cool too. I think you got swap-lifted girl.

  6. Seeing her blog, it seems like she wouldn't just go ahead and abandon her blog just because of a swap, she seems like she has the money to purchase and send things to you so I would wait a bit if not, I would keep emailing her because you took your time/effort and money to send her something and if she can't do that back for you then she really must be in some kind of trouble, seeing that she hasn't updated her blog...you never know...maybe she will come around but I hope everything works out between the two of you! & that nothing like this happens to you ever again

  7. Oh, that's so sad to hear, Erynn! :(
    I think, it's not the damage of the package that really troubles, but the fact that you are left uninformed. You will probably never know what really happened... :/

  8. This reminds me of that Annie girl that totally tricked a bunch of bloggers! Dang.. she pretty much got exposed then exiled. I think just letting others know about people like this is the best. Cuz then through word of mouth it gets around, and peeps know not to deal with her.

  9. the blog looks great but it also hasnt been updated since oct09.. .. maybe she will come back to you.

    becoz of reading more & more swapping cases like that, i start to even get wary about blogger swapping on MUA. Even though some list their blog address in the notepad but i wonder how true is it. so i will take the initative to email them using their email they stated on their site to confirm they are real. Or i even reject some swaps as they do not have much tokens.

    things like that are vice versa so ppl are wary about me too. as i only have 9 token so far Lol.

  10. oh, this kind of things happened once ago too the issue of Annie Nguyen....

  11. probably she will never reply,so i think just forget about it and let karma do the job on her,i believe in bad karma,waiting that long for a swap isnt normal,maybe she's a scammer or something to start with..ugh i hate inconsiderate girls like than

  12. This is a terrible situation.. I'm sure what to think because she hasn't been on her blog for the longest time. And I would assume a swaplifter would request for some expensive cosmetics? hmm okay but being realistic, unless something happened to her and she is physically incapable of messaging you.. she is a bad apple. :( Sorry that happened to you!

  13. That is lame. 6 months is enough time for some sort of explanation- I don't get why she hasn't even updated you of whats going on; it's common courtesy!
    Then again, what if some one close to her passed.....we will never know until she updates, sigh~ I hope things turn out for the best- better late than never^___^


    Miss. P

  14. That really sucks! 6 months.. yeah your package aint coming. sorry that happened to you girl :/

  15. That's so annoying =( I've met some unpleasant people online in my life and it's not a fun thing to go through. I hope everything works out for you hun!

  16. That is terrible! I hate people like that. It's cheeky. I think you should e-mail her constantly! XO

  17. Wow sorry to hear :( While she may be having a rough time, some other people pointed something out that I agree with ~ it is NOT hard to send a QUICK email. Even something like, "Hey I'll get back to you", you know? I don't know a single person (my parents included) who don't check email accounts. Hope all ends well... and I do hope that the other girl is doing okay and is not in trouble or something bad :(

  18. That sucks!! I'm sorry to hear that you have to deal with that right now. Try to email her again after a certain time period.

    I went to her blog & it seems she's been MIA since October so who knows what could've happened to her. Hopefully nothing bad happened to her though.

    I hope you get this whole thing settled soon.

  19. that's so sad :(
    well, I think 6 months is a loong time & if she still don't email you back then she really must be in some kind of trouble. hopefully not something bad though.
    replying email is easy & we can find internet almost everywhere now.
    there's always the options of cyber cafe, or even borrowing someone's phone. so it's not an excuse at all.

    she hasn't updated her blog in a long time but I think she wouldn't just abandon her blog just because of a swap.

    you'll never know.. that's why it's so sad because you left uninformed.
    i'm sorry :(
    hope everything turns out alright in the end.

  20. try look for her on myspace or facebook!

  21. just left you a comment on that other blog. Sigh some people are just bad eggs and make everyone else look bad!

  22. eeeekkk! thats horrible!! I guess we really gotta be careful w who we swap with but her page looks legit and she has a lot of followers maybe she does just have personal issues? She should have def contacted you tho and sent ur package back if she couldnt send you anything in return. I would keep emailing her, dont give up lol its a shame some ppl ruin it for everyone=/

    <33 Sharlene

  23. wow. for me, personally, i don't think i would even take a split second to think if something bad had happened to her. i would just be pissed as my first initial reaction. but i guess after waiting so long with not even a reply, i would just be left to wonder. i've heards so many great things about swapping, especially on makeup alley. and at the same time i've also heard many bad things about swapping and people getting 'swaplifted'. to be honest, i've never done a swap with anyone, i've only bought things off of ebay and a couple of blog sales. but never swapped. i'm sorry you had to experience this, i don't know what else to make of it. but yeah maybe you should try to look for her on myspace or facebook. i'm on fb everyday lol.

  24. OMGOSH! so inconsiderate for her not to reply on your emails. AT least have the decency to reply and say what happened. Yes I hope nothing bad happened to her too.

    I had experience similar things last year with a swapper. Ugh its so hard to trust people in the internet. I hope she will have the guts to apologize soon!

  25. awww.. sorry to hear that...that sucks big time and it has been an awfully long period of waiting..
    however, I think whatever that can be done have been done and I don't know what much can u do..
    unless u have her cellphone number?

  26. I have just been swaplifted from; well it happened in February and my patience ran out last week. The thief admitted to receiving my Chanel and not resolving things. I have named and shamed her on my blog; she's committed theft so tough on her.

  27. @ Anonymous - who swaplifted you? I am interested to know so I can remember who to stay away from!

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