Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday Love ♥ & Haul x2 [pic heavy]

Hello loves! Thank you everyone for the sweet birthday wishes ♥ I got a variety of guesses, but yes, I turned 19 yesterday : )

To celebrate, I went to dinner with my parents & the Mister (did not take any pix because my camera battery was dead). We usually have a big get-together to celebrate me & my dad's birthday, as well as his 3 sisters; because we're all born in April! But Idk if/when we're gonna be doing that. Overall, I had a nice birthday and I figure I'd share some of the highlights:

I still went to class, even though it was my bday.
I was surprised to find this sitting on my passenger seat after class! : )
(Idk what's up with the holiday

And when I got home, I found this taped to my bedroom mirror:
Hehe. Thanks to the Mister.
Little surprises matter the most sometimes : ) ♥

Today, I got mail from my love Serenie!
Cute doggie card!
I like dachshunds... I always call them "sausages" XP

Super sweet note ♥
I love this girl to death.
If I had a sister, it would be her. Seriously.Love you! (and I'm sending you something(s) soon!)
Needless to say, I have devoured nearly all the candy already! :X

AND OMFG! I was lemming myself another YSL gloss; Golden Gloss in Golden Cherry Blossom, for thee looongest time! She got me #10 Golden Peony! Comparing the swatches, they are superrr similar!

Yayyy! Here it is next to my Gloss Pur in Pure Rose.
I have to say, these glosses are COMPLETE opposites!
The Gloss Pur is on the thick side, and a bit sticky/tacky.
The Golden Gloss however, is light, smooth, and feels moisturising!
It is really sheer and shows up mostly clear on me, whereas the Gloss Pur is more opaque. Great for layering!

It has gorgeous shimmers in it! They are very subtle from far away, but beautiful up-close.

Thank you everyone for the birthday love!
Also wanted to post about some of my recent hauls. I decided to buy a few things from Longs. It was just my luck that there were sales going on!

• 2 packs of Epielle cosmetic wipes (reviewed here). They are THE SHIT and only $1.99!
• Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in Nude - was on sale for like $3.89!
• Rimmel Lipstick in Airy Fairy - not on sale but I've been lemming this for so long.
• Prestige Waterproof eyeliner in Smoke - on sale for like $3.25! I wanted black but oh well.
• Physician's Formula Eyebrow pencil - not on sale, but it's my HG and I needed a new one.

Thoughts on...
Rimmel Lipstick in Airy Fairy - I reeally wanted this for the longest time, so I finally caved and got it (Crush is next on my list!) It does not show up very well on just my lips (just looks "dark") but it is absolutely awesome for layering! It shows up as the perfect pink for me. ♥

This is Rimmel Airy Fairy over YSL Golden Peony:

And... If you want to know what I look like w/ bare minimum makeup, this is it! Wash of eyeshadow, concealer under eyes, and lippie color. No foundation. Yes, my face is whiter than my neck/chest. Proof that whitening products that work, do exist! :D (review coming soon)

And since I got a Walmart giftcard, I decided to spend it on some NYC products! I've been wanting their Ultra Last Lipwear in Rose Gold ever since I saw Angelique's review! I have not tried it yet but I hope I like it! I also picked up a bunch of polishes (like I need any more -_-;) But the colors were so pretty -and cheap!- that I couldn't resist! Can't wait to try them out!

Till next time! ♥


  1. Wow..How romantic..I hope its not to late for me to say Happy Birthday to you Erynn..God bless you always.. ^_^..

  2. Belated happy birthday sweetie! :] Your "mister" i soo sweet! I wish my bf would do something like that on my birthday. By the way..we have the same bday month..mine is the 30th. ^_^ are sooo young! Cute bday goodies by the way. I love airy fairy too! && where can i get those Epielle wipes?! I wanna to try..its dirt cheap!

  3. happy birhtday!!!! enjoy your goodies... hehe

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! That's so sweet of your Mister, my bf would never do that LOL :D

  5. Sorry I haven't been able to send you anything! I'm not very comfortable with using China Post. BUT just as a little sneaky preview, I did get you some stuff from your wishlist, and of course some other Asian-goodness goodies <3

    Hope you had an awesome birthday, love!

  6. Aw your bf left you such nice surprises! ^.^ So cute! I love the YSL gloss! Btw I thought you were twenty, dang XP Hope you had a great day! =)

  7. Happy Bday - awe that is so sweet :D Flowers are so pretty!! Please let me know if the foundation is a proper shade for you. I like it but the one I have is too dark... maybe I can use your skin tone as a preference to what shade I should get.

  8. Aww, that was really sweet of him :) love the gifts u got, the lipstick looks really pretty on you. I used to use those makeup wipes, yea they are really good for makeup since they are so cheap. Happy Birthday !!

  9. Happy bday Erynn! I never knew you were so young ;) Hopefully you had a wonderful bday! :)

  10. awwwwww @ the surprise note and bouquet of roses! my bf = super cheapo, the first (and last) time he got me roses was for our 6 month anni/first vday together... he got me a flower arrangement that i later found out cost him $150+!! not really into flowers (i'd rather get food lol) buut that def made me feel special (not just cuz of the price tag buuut the fact that he got me flowers to begin with-- since he's anti-flowers).

    anyways, i rambled on again haha... happy 19th birthday young'n!! i feel like a pedo bear now for making comments about your boobies lol


  11. Wooo! Sounds like an awesome birthday!

    Oh my gosh, I love the Epielle Aloe Vera wipes! :D OoOo and I just found that same blue polish too :D I love it!

  12. Aaaw <3 how sweet of your bf! omg you're 19!!! Can't believe it! LOL :) cool a blogger of my age XD AND you look amazing on your picture ;D

  13. Yay for birthday packages!! I hope you enjoyed your birthday :]

    I hope you enjoy that Rose gold.. It's a pretty color.

    BTW Airy Fairy looks sooo much better the way you paired it up with another l/s!! I should probably do that since I really don't like it by itself.

  14. Happy Belated 19th Bday!!!

    Great gifts :)

    I love those makeup remover wipes! I get them for a dollar at my Big Lots, can't find it ANYWHERE else...grrr, I want the cucumber and green tea ones!

    Love the Rimmel Lippies, I own that one (got a second one for like $3 at walgreens' 50% Rimmel dsct)

    Great haul!

  15. Aww, you are a baby, Erynn!! haha I feel so old, now that I know your age! >:D I turned 22 this past March lol. Those surprises from your bf are super sweet! ^_^ I totally agree with you that sometimes, the littlest things DO matter most...for me, they always can bring a smile to my face hehe I'm a pretty simple person :P And Serenie is super sweet :)

    Glad you had a great Bday! ^_^ It's always nice to treat yourself when it's your bday. I tend to make a few purchases or "splurges" when it's around the time of my bday and that would be my sole excuse for it haha xD

    Looking forward to your reviews! I love reading them bc you do such a good job--very informative :)

    ♥ caroline

  16. happy birthday!!
    beautiful flowerss hope ur dayy was a as special as you are=)


  17. happy belated bday~~ sounds like you had a great day~ the flowers looks lovely.
    + those ysl glosses are so pretty~~ xx

  18. Happy belated birthday, Erynn!
    I hope, you had a great day! The birthday package is super adorable! Wow, the YSL lipgloss is gorgoeus!

  19. :]
    So cute!! I love little surprises like that! It's the little thoughts that count.
    Glad you liked the present!
    Hope you had an awesome birthday. ^__^


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