Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Review: Island Girl - Yellow Out [How to fake it: Healthy Nails Pt. 2]

Hello loves! To recap from my previous post, this was what my nails looked like after using ELF's Nourishing cuticle pen on them. Healthy, but the surface was still rough and my nails were slightly yellow. How to fix this?

So, the first thing that came to mind was my Island Girl "Yellow Out," which is supposed to take the yellow out of nails. I got this the last time I was in Waikoloa, but haven't tried it since. So I figure now was a good time to test it!

Price: ~$4. I think this is only available in Hawaii.

The only directions were that this is NOT to be used as a top coat over other nail polish, and it is supposed to take the yellow color out of nails.

The good stuff:

  • Applies smoothly
  • Dries quickly
  • Does take the yellow out of nails, BUT...

The low-down:

  • ...Only because it tints them purple.

(click to view larger)

(Here is a look at this polish. It did not indicate it was a matte polish anywhere on the bottle, but that's what the finish dried to. It was also a lot darker IRL than in the bottle/pictures)

Upon closer inspection, the ingredients listed are EXACTLY the same as those in my other Island Girl nail polish, which is a "regular" polish. Strange, much? I thought it was supposed to be a specialized nail "treatment?" Do they just slap the same sticker on every bottle because they don't think anyone will read the tiny ingredients list?? Or is it REALLY just a regular nail polish?

It also contains bismuth oxychloride... I was a little iffy when I noticed that, but it's not like I'm using it on my face, so... eh.
Anywho, here are the results:

They certainly do take the yellow out of my nails, by giving them a sheer purple tint. When it dried however, it accentuated the rough surface texture of my nails, which I didn't like.

My conclusion: I honestly think that because the ingredients are exactly the same as the other Island Girl polish, and because the directions specifically state NOT to use this as a top coat; this is just a "regular" nail polish that has a sheer tint to it (unless it is truly mislabeled?)

Furthermore, I do not think it is a specialized treatment because all it did was make my nails slightly purple. I suppose it made my nails look "healthier" because of the added color... but I kind of feel like it made me look like I was getting hypothermia or something too :/ It also really accentuated the rough texture of my nails in their current state. So, I think this would probably fare a lot better on someone that already has nice nails, and just wants to tone down any yellow. I personally would not repurchase this. Although I only own 2 Island Girl nail polishes (and I'm not sure of the formulation of the different colors), I was definitely not impressed with the ones I purchased. I doubt I will buy any more polishes from this brand.

You may be asking, "So where are the HEALTHY nails, Erynn???"
You will see in Part 3... : )


  1. i bought that elf nail thing i love ittttttttttttttt

  2. lol this was so interesting to read, Erynn! haha and here I was expecting to discover a crazy new Hawaiian-exclusive miracle product or something! xD too bad it's like a regular polish that just tints your nails!

    ♥ caroline

  3. good thing u noticed that the ingredients were the same! someone at island girl isn't not doing their work properly... LOL


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