Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recent ELF Haul & Blush Rec's?

Hello loves & new followers!

Just thought I'd share my recent ELF haul. I have not ordered anything from ELF for a really long time. But after doing some extensive review and swatch hunting, I decided I wanted to try a few blushes and bronzers, and the raved-about Studio Powder brush. I was really pleased with the shipping time, it came in like 4 days! (versus the 1 month or so that I waited the very first time I placed an order with them) Overall, I am pretty happy with everything I got. Reviews coming soon!

Here's my order:

From top to bottom, left to right:

  • Studio Powder Brush
  • Studio Warm Bronzer
  • Studio Blush - Candid Coral
  • Studio Blush - Peachy Keen
  • Natural Radiance Blusher - Glow
  • Studio Golden Bronzer

I've really been getting into blushes lately! If you've been reading my blog, I've mentioned a few times that I'm pretty addicted to collecting lippies (it was worse a few years ago... currently not so bad). But now, blushes might be my new love! I've just been itching to get my hands on pretty, pinky/peachy, subtly shimmery blushes that give you that dewy, highlighted, healthy look.

I was not much of a blush-wearer before... my thinking was that it would make me look clownish/overdone. But lately that I've been playing around with what I have, I see how it can really freshen up and pull together a look. I know, I'm a newb to the blush world : ) I'm not big on loose powder blushes -- or any loose powder products for that matter... I guess I'm just a pressed powder kinda person :P I'm also wary to try cream/mousse type blushes because I don't want an overload of color. But I've read positive reviews so I'm up for change : )

Any blush recommendations?
What's your fav drugstore and/or high-end blushes?
Why are they your favs?

PS - the blushes I currently own are: ELF Studio blush/bronzer duo, Clinique Fresh bloom Allover color in Peony, and a bunch of blushes that came in a generic makeup palette.


  1. me too, i'm loving my illamasqua blush as they are very pigment. but now starting to explore drugstore brands too. cream blushes are much lasting compare to powder one. you should try the cream one when you planning for outing!

  2. I love that fricken brush!
    What's crazy is last night I had a dream I found the perfect blush. Then I woke up.... I was so bummed.
    But I like blush. My mom always made me think it was for old ladies. Then I tried it and it looked great! Nice healthy glow.
    I like the ELF Studio blushes! I also buy MAC palette refills.
    I wanna try cream ones too. I only have the mouse blush from Maybelline.

  3. I love Lancome blushes! They're so pigmented but, the price is just @#$!@~
    I've been using the ELF bronzer and blush set and I love the colors. Reminds me of Nars' Orgasm.

    Miss. P

  4. I love Jill Stuart blushes! If you haven't tried them out, it's a must! :D

  5. It's funny.. we're totally opposite right now! I did have a major blush craze & I still do but it's toned down a lot. Now I'm in a major lippie craze! hehehe

    I haven't tried any ELF blushes so I'm eager for your review :]

    Majority of the blushes I do have are MAC. My favorite out of them all is Springsheen which is a very sheer pinkish/peach w/ a tad of gold shimmer. I already hit pan & I'm almost done! I have 2 more MAC blushes that I'm waiting to come in and I think I'll have a total of maybe a dozen? I broke one while I was trying to depot it but I have quite a few..

    As for drug store brands, I use Maybelline if I don't have my MAC. Those are pretty nice & aren't as expensive.

    I still want to get my hands on some NARS blushes but those are more pricey so I think that's why I've been more hesitant to get them.

    Cream blushes I'm still weary of just because my face gets a natural dewey look to it since i can get pretty oily so I get freaked out that cream blushes will just make it even look shinier. However, I think I will try it one day.. :P If you do, I heard good things about NYX cream blushes!

  6. Lovin' your E.l.f. haul dear.
    I have an obsession with pink/peachy blushes too but I think I'm more of looking for the best lippies now. Btw, hope you could do a review regarding your E.l.f. haul coz I'm planning of buying their blushes too. I heard it's a dupe from Nars orgasm too. ;)

  7. Hi, you have the cutest blog! I love blushes, here's a list of some of the blushes I use...

    MAC: pinkswoon, breath of plum, springsheen, & tippy (LE from the HK collection)

    NARS: orgasm, deep throat, & mata hari

    Maybelline: pinch-o-pink & dream mouse blush in pink frosting

    I think these blushes would look great on you too since I also have tan, yellow skin tones. Good luck!

  8. I'm like a blush whore now! lol

    Recommendations? Hmmm depends on what colors you're into.
    I say pick up NYX Powder & Cream Blushes. (drugstore)
    I say pick up NAR Blushes, Deep Throat would be a nice shade for you. (highend)

  9. I've actually been looking for some good brushes.. and I like Elf's Studio ones o.o Mwahhaha you have to wait for get your elf stuff.... I just have to drive to my nearest Target >D be jealous~ lol. I was going to buy some blushes but I got lazy / had to go to class, haha. I think I'm gonna get one of those bronzers.. like the one in lumiwhatever

  10. Ahhh, I loooove blush. I sometimes even like that super-flushed, slightly over-blushed look. XD My favorites are of course the Rock & Repubs but since they are hard to find I also recommend the MAC beauty powder blushes and mineralize blushes. NYX blush in pinky is a great all-around pink too. :)

  11. OMG I'm a total newb to blushes too! Well, not even a newb b/c I don't own any and I'm scared to use them! I'm gonna stalk back to see which ones you end up getting. Be sure to put piccccs!! :p

  12. I really want to try those elf studio blushes....I'm kind of a blush addict...I have more blushes than all my makeup combine....faves would be....jill stuart, nars, a lot of asian brands....and maybelline & jane

  13. ewww.. mac cream blushes is a no-no! I have two yes, but they don't really dry down or "set" onto my cheeks. And I have the new ones that came out, the cremeblend blushes, which are said to be non-greasy compared to the permanent ones! IDK, for me it didn't work out but I guess for others it did. BUT mac powder blushes are wonderful! It's better to go look and swatch in person but I know you haven't had a good experience with mac lol.

    NARS has the most amazing blushes. The price is kinda expensive but how many shades of blush does a girl need right? Just find two you really like that aren't similar colors and you'll be set because those things are worth the money! They last a really longgggg time. No lies either! BUT I know you don't really like to splurge (or you have way more self control than myself) so I also recommend nyx ones because they are pigmented and cheap :) Plus they're matte because you can also add shimmer ^_^

  14. Wooo! ELF haul! :) I have some stuff in my cart but I dunno if I'm actually gonna buy them. haha :S

    lol that's so weird! I was just looking at the Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector (what a mouthful!) on their site. I actually just ordered the Clinique Even Better Even Tone thing (can't remember the exact name off the top of my head) from Sephora so I'm starting to use that right now. I'm hoping this'll work and then maybe I'll try the Dark Spot Corrector for my freckles. :)

    lol. I know, I'm so lazy to go to classes. Most of this semester has consisted of me going to work in the morning and then not wanting to go to class so I just hang out at work. lol. Luckily most of my classes are lecture-from-the-book or just-read-the-book-if-you-don't-go-to-class courses so I've been doing alright now. Japanese is killing me though cuz I hate the professor's teaching style so it hasn't given me much motivation to go to class and actively participate. (-.-;;)

    Haha I know what you mean. When I started college I started in Business, then went to Comp Sci and then moved over to Japanese Studies, added on Linguistics, changed Linguistics to a minor (well, was going to), and then decided to keep Linguistics on. (^_^;;) I'm so indecisive I guess. And I wasted my first couple semesters take whatever classes looked interesting. lol. That's cool that you're in Art. I don't really have any artistic ability but I wanted to study film and animation before....just never go the chance to. *sigh* Funny how life works out.

    Yup yup I bought shoes and a bag from Gmarket and they were both pretty good quality. I've been a bit hesitant about browse deeper into the site tho cuz I just know I'm gonna find a ton of stuff I wanna buy. lol!

  15. Haha, okay so it's called the "Even Better Skin Tone Corrector" There we go! lol. (^_^;;)

  16. the Maybelline Minerals blush is actually not bad and super pigmented so a little definitely goes a long way!!!

    I have yet to try ELF Studio blushes, I heard they are really good!

  17. Ever since ELF showed up in Target, I've been trying to practise a lot of self-discipline not to just whip out my debit card and go to town. :( I'm kind of going on a brush craze and I want-want-wa~nt their blush & powder brush. I think I will just live vicariously through you for today! XD

    As for blush, I love my Wet 'n Wild blushes. There's only four of them, but I've tried all four and I love them all. A nice, peach-pink shimmer blush from that brand would be their ColorIcon Blusher in "Pearlescent Pink" -- it's a soft wash of colour with subtle glimmer.

    jane has their Shimmering Blushes, which I haven't tried, but I've heard good reviews. A drugstore dupe for NARS' "Orgasm" would be Milani's blush in "Luminous."

  18. I love the Maquillage Face Creator 3D palettes, since this product has everything: highlighting shade, contouring shade, cheek color, ...

  19. Btw!

    Maybe this'll take away the redness?

  20. Oh I'm looking forward to the reviews. I haven't had any ELF products but I heard their brushes are amazing.

    The blushes are such pretty pinks. I wish I could wear them, but my face is usually flushed already so I don't bother. =/

  21. Dude, you need Illamasqua. The pigmentation is amazing so you just need a little. =)


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