Monday, April 19, 2010

Product Spotlight: ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen [How to fake it: Healthy Nails Pt. 1]

I'm digging this review out of the pile, because I feel like I didn't give the ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen enough blog lovin'! It is certainly worth the $1 and then some, and I will explain why.

Price: $1.00

What they say: Relieves dry nails and flakey cuticles. The unique pen delivery system moisturizes cuticles effectively and the quick dry formula allows for a no mess application. Fortified with Vitamins E, A, C, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Aloe, this fast-acting complex deeply hydrates, nourishes and seals in moisture. The key ingredients Avocado and Almond Oils help to condition nails and cuticles for improved appearance. The result is softer, easy to manage cuticles and healthy hydrated nails.What to do: Remove cap. Brush onto cuticles and bare nails as often as needed.Ingredients: Isododecane, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, tocopherol, ascorbyl, panthenol, aloe vera oil.

The good stuff:
Sleek design
Moisturizing & effective

The low-down:
Can get a little oily if you use too much

My take: I'm really satisfied with this! It really does seem to nourish and moisturize my dry cuticles and keep them that way for awhile. I use this often. If you apply too much though, it does tend to get a little oily. Other than that, no complaints!! [review from: August 15, 2009]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Now, on to my reasoning! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now, I am certainly not a nail afficionado, and no, I honestly do not even take very good care of my nails. I abuse them with constantly changing up nail color, never using a base coat, peeling off the old polish, going over old polish, etc.

And probably my worst offense yet? Ripping off my false nails.
The sorry state of my nails after the damage was done:


Now, I don't need anyone to tell me this was a bad thing to do, because of course, I knew it was :P I literally peeled off the top layer of my nails due to my impatience...

I wore my Yukiumi nails for a week, but I decided I wanted to take them off... after soaking my nails in warm water for like... 10 minutes (instead of the recommended 30), I got tired of waiting and decided to just pull them off. Horror! Well, I do have pretty resilient nails... and it was late, and I was tired and wanted to get it done with. So there (needless to say, I will not be so impatient next time and do it properly) :P

But obviously, I cannot leave my nails looking like that! Yuck! And that's where ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen came to the rescue! It was really one of those products that I bought, used a few times, deemed "satisfactory" and then stashed away in a dark corner, never to be used again. However, the first thing that popped into my mind to fix the horrid state of my nails was that cuticle pen! So I dug it out of hiding.

Even though it is a "cuticle" pen, I had this "brilliant" idea to just rub it all over my nails (why the heck didn't I read the product description better?!). And VOILA! My nails look and feel sooooo much healthier. Not dry and peeling like before! I was skeptical that they would stay that way (I figure they would just dry out again once the effects wore off), but they actually stayed "nourished"! : ) Whoo! Although the surface was still a bit ridged/bumpy to the touch and slightly discolored (this is where part 2 comes in... stay tuned), at least my nails look 100% better than before!

So in conclusion: if you tend to abuse your nails like I do, this is definitely a must-have in your nail stash!!! It does an excellent job at nourishing cuticles, as well as revitalizing worn-out nails. I would HIGHLY recommend this product, and at only $1, you've got nothing to lose!

Stay tuned for part 2...


  1. That's why I hate wearing fake/gel nails.. it peels the top layer of my nails too! I did it a few times and it was enough.. I could have used this pen several months ago! Thanks for the review anyways babe! So cheap too! way to go elf!

  2. I cringed @ your 2nd picture. I've done that before, and I've never gone back to fake nails again. I think having fake nails ruins your natural nails.

    Now, I grow out my nails, but I was bad about letting them grow about 2 weeks ago - I bit them, and now they look like shit. :(

    Maybe I need an ELF cuticle pen too! :)

  3. ooooh i definitely want that because i've been wearing fake nails a lot lately! O_O and i just rip them off too when a few of them are already gone and a week has gone by...haha

  4. AHHH! Every time I get my nails done.... they're so pretty but I dread taking them off.
    You must have super nail glue if it lasted a week!

  5. Oh man I love the cuticle pen too! :) I don't use it as often as I should but it;s great when I DO use it :)

    I dunno if they had a sale. I should ask my friend where she bought them from. I'll get back to you on that. :)

  6. Oww reminds me of all the times i get acrylics or fakies. I am just as impatient as you!

    Ooooh I hear it was also your bday too this month! So a big fat happy birthday from both lawrence and I~! He tells me that April Babies rule, and I say you guys are cool, but July babies still kick ass :D

    Love you <3

  7. yikkkkkes! that looks painful! but such a change after you used the ELF product! and i see klaudea mentioned something about a birthday?!?! i dont know when it is exactly but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! :D and yes, i agree with her... july babies rule! haha!

  8. Hey Love&hearts!

    wow...this ELF Cuticle Pen sounds freaking awesome! and so cheap & affordable! Since I hear Target carries their stuff now, I'm gonna have to keep my eyes peeled and look for this next time I'm trolling down the beauty aisles there! haha xD Thanks for sharing! Your nail transformation looks amazing btw! They definitely look more nourished and healthier than before! :P

    ♥ caroline

  9. ooh looks like a good product. yeah I wore fake nails once and that's the reason I never wore it again! if only it's not so bad for your nails when you take them off!

  10. NICE! I have a bad habit of biting my nails so I got a cuticle gel and just slather it on and let it do it's thing and wash it off- results: nice clean and smooth cuticles/nails~<3

    Great review!^___^


    Miss. P

  11. Oh that looks like a really good product! And so cheap!! I don't actually wear fake nails but I'm sure if I did I'd have to have this! =P Great review!

  12. wow..HUGE difference I can totally see! ELF ELF ELF, bring that product down here!

  13. ELF just put this blog post on their facebook fan page!!!!!

  14. That's my biggest fear with getting fake nails, wanting to rip them off! I don't really know the proper way to remove them...

    I had bought this awhile back... my cuticles are horrible, and they bother me. But I'm not really sure how to use it... do you just run it on the sides of your finger nail?

  15. wow.. scary to see the nails. I dont use fake nails as I dont know how.

  16. Congrats on being featured on ELF's fb page :D
    This pen seems to work wonders! I have really peeling, chipping nails too D:

  17. I know this is 3 years later but just wanted to note that this pen isn't just for those with fake nails. I am now using this with natural nails, it's great on the cuticles. I have one at work, one in my purse, and one at home. :)


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