Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Revisit: Avon Nail Experts Pearl Shine Polish [How to fake it: Healthy Nails Pt. 3]

Hello loves! Today is the third and last part of my "How to fake it: Healthy Nails" series! I wanted to go back and revisit a product which I had originally deemed unsatisfactory: Avon Nail Experts Pearl Shine Polish. My original review was here. I thought that it didn't really give my nails a nice shine... wasn't impressed.

To recap from my previous post, these are what my nails looked like after using Island Girl "Yellow Out." Tinted purple and the surface texture is accentuated.

I was unsatisfied with the way my nails turned out after using Island Girl "Yellow Out." So on a whim, I decided to use the Pearl Shine polish OVER the Yellow Out.

2 coats of smooth, glossy goodness.

Price: ~$4.
I don't see it on Avon anymore, but found it elsewhere online for under $4.

What they say: Leaves nails with a lustrous pearl finish... and a healthy buffed look. Helps strengthen with vitamins. Brushes on fast... dries instantly.

The good stuff:
  • Nice packaging
  • Pretty color
  • Dries quickly
  • When used over another polish, makes nails look healthy, smooth, and glossy!

The low-down:

  • On it's own, it just makes nails look dull/buffed.

Now tell me those don't look like healthy nails to you!

    This polish did the perfect job of toning down the purple tint from the Yellow Out, and made my nails look super smooth. No trace of the previous rough surface texture. Also, it DID give my nails a nice healthy shine with slight shimmer and a healthy pinkish color.

    My conclusion: After revisiting this product, I have changed my mind about how I thought about it. Layering 2 coats over an unsatisfying manicure yields perfectly smooth, healthy-looking nails, even if they aren't healthy underneath all that polish :P Definitely a new go-to in my polish collection when I lazy to paint my nails & want to go for that "healthy natural" look!

    If your nails are dry, cracked, peeling, or just plain abused... I hope I offered some useful suggestions over the past three days for products that can give you instant (Fake it!) healthy nails! : )


    1. buff your nails- if they are not too thin already- then put nail/cuticle oil over them, then apply some nail nutrient polish on and top off with a clear or pink top coat. nails will look healthy and in a week - as good as new!!

    2. I love the Chanel Ballerina nail lacquer because it looks my nails look sooo healthy! :D

    3. Great post! Those products looks like they did a great job!! =)

    4. Oh yesssss! Pretty healthy nails!
      I wish I thought of this. I usually slather on some thick dark polish till it gets healthy again. >__<
      I remember I had my nails done at a salon and it was a nightmare. I had huge indentions in my nails for like 3 months. Assholes.

    5. great idea, that looks like super healthy nails! thanks girl!


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