Sunday, April 18, 2010

NOTD - Make it work: China Glaze Blue Sparrow

Here are the nails I've been wearing for the past week or so. Finally decided to make use of the China Glaze Blue Sparrow (Neon?!) polish I got from Serenie's blog sale!

Now, I don't know if I'm applying it crappily, or that's just how it is... but even after 3 coats with drying time in between, the finish dried to a dull, dark blue. With glitter yes, but not very sparkly/shimmery glitter. And certainly not neon! :(

So, in order to "make it work," I turned to my Rimmel Play Fast in "Out There" which has basically become my go-to polish to spice up any dull shade. One coat and you get shiny, glittery goodness! Then added some blue rhinestones & drew some hearts & dots w/ LA Colors Art-deco white polish.

In some lighting, the color shows up at a deep, cerulean-ish blue.

In other lighting, it shows up a dark, navy blue.

Overall, I think it turned out alright. Had a hard time w/ the hearts. It's chipping pretty badly at this point though, so it's time for something new!


  1. Even though the color didn't turn out as you expected, I love what you ended up doing to "spice it up," so to speak! :P You ARE an artist, Ms. Erynn Tanimoto! ^_^ Seriously, you are so creative to be able to come up with pretty little designs for your nails! All I do is...paint them. lol how boring, I know! =/ I just can't think of any good nail designs! Hope you had a lovely weekend, hon!

    ♥ caroline

  2. I have that same polish, and it looks soo pretty in the bottle, but when applied, it looks completely different.. but then again, I applied it to acrylic nails. It was a bitch for me to remove & it stained my cuticles. But I do love how it looks in the bottle. lol

  3. OOOh that looks pretty. Me likey =D

  4. Very pretty =) Annoying that it didn't turn out how you expected but it looks very pretty still!

  5. i like it a lot!! the colors + design is just too pretty :)


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