Sunday, April 11, 2010

Craft Fair haul & news, Kona hauls, & Swatches: Revlon ColorBurst Soft Nude & ELF Baby Lips

Hello loves & new followers!

Just wanted to share what I hauled since I finally allowed myself off my self-imposed spending ban : ) Also, some quick news from the craft fair! I was approached by another vendor, asking if I would want to have a job designing new characters for their clothing line! We haven't worked out all the details yet, but it's an exciting start! Anywho...

I picked up these two bags from the craft fair we were at! ♥ I also found out that the lady I bought them from actually has a shop down the road from ours! She said she does not make them though, she just brings them in to sell... but she said they weren't selling! What?! How can bags THIS CUTE not get bought out?! They were a great price too... I know I'll be getting myself more in the future! (;

They are very spacious, sturdy, and feel well-made.
Lots of pockets and storage space!

We also went to Kona today to visit my Grandma (mom's side). She is recovering from knee surgery and is doing really well : ) So I got to do some shopping while we were there!

2 tank tops from Costco:

Shoes from K-Mart! I love going there JUST to look at shoes.

Yes, while having small feet is mostly a huge disadvantage (is it THAT hard to make size 5?!), sometimes, it is TOTALLY AWESOME. Yes, those first 2 pairs of super cute flats are little kid shoes! Size 3! Apparently, that is equivalent to size 5, which are the slippers on the right. And, they were on sale! So I got the black & pink pairs for $4.99 each! (Lol, yes, I am loving me some black and pink lately)

And my small beauty-related haul:
Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Soft Nude and ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Baby lips.
I waited patiently for a really long time to get both of these!

After hearing sooo many good things about Soft Nude, I just knew I had to get me one! The packaging is slick and sexy... fishnets, anyone? The lipstick itself is super creamy and smooth. Starts out sheer but easily builds up to pigmented, shiny, pale-pinkish nude love. Definitely my new nude staple, in addition to my fav, NYX Orange Soda. ♥

Hand swatches. I really wanted to try Baby Lips because I have it in Natural Blush, but the color doesn't really work with my skin tone. Baby Lips is a super sheer, baby pink. It mostly shows up clear and takes like 57416283 layers for a hint of color to show up. However, for only $1, what I really like about this "liquid lipstick" is the texture. It's super smooth and creamy. It's thick but I wouldn't say sticky (but yes, your hair will get stuck in it), it feels comfy and moisturizing on the lips. It does have a shiny finish though, and is great for layering!


  1. ooh, nice haul :)
    the revlon nude is so much pinker than i expect it to look o.O

  2. aww, those lips are soooo kissable.... muah...xD

  3. I took Soft Nude back. It's way too light on me. :/

  4. Aw how cool that you get to design characters for clothes, hope it all works out! Great haul, Soft Nude looks so nice on you, it makes me look dead! LOL It looks like you already have nice pink pigmented lips too. ^^

  5. Such cute bags xD and I'm excited to hear that you've been approached for a project!
    I've heard all about Revlon Soft Nude but I have yet to find it in Canada T.T

  6. oh i love all your new things!! I ve heard great things about nyx orange soda and circe! Am in search for nudes! unfortunately I cant find one here in manila ._.

  7. omg i can't believe you found that tanktop at costco! It's so cute. I'll have to ask my mother in law to let me know if she spots it!

  8. nice hauls... love the lipsticks and shoes sooo cute.

  9. your bags are adorable! I too love craft fairs! once i got this tissue box cover shaped like a couch it just sits on my dresser but i love it u find the cutest stuff i swear!!

    <33 Sharlene

  10. ERYNNN!!!! how exciting about the prospective designing job! keep us updated on that! :) That bad IS cute, surprise it doesn't sell well especially if its sold at a good price!

    and dude.. so jealous of your abilitiy to fit into kids shoes! haha! sometimes if i'm lucky i fit into kids tops/sweaters so i guess its not all bad. their clothes are so much cheaper! ;)

  11. Yaay! Sounds so awesome! Congrats! :D Can't wait to see the shirt designs! :)

    That black bag is pretty cute and I love lose size 5 slippers you got from Kmart! I hardly ever go there. Darn. I should check out their shoes the next time I'm over there.

    RYC: I actually don't own any Juicy at all, but I can't wait to check out what they have for the Hautelook sale (>_<)

  12. God, I just realized that I must sound like a shoe whore in my last comment. lol!! Oh well, what girl doesn't love shoes, right? (>_<)

  13. Oh my gosh! I just bought like 4 or 5 pairs of heels from I always tempted to buy shoes from there (but never did) and I finally broke when I saw Hollyannaeree's vid review of them! I tried to find the turquoise/white pair that she had but they didn't have them anymore!! (ToT) I loved how those shoes looked!

  14. OH those bags are SO cute! I especially love the pink one =) And they match your new shoes!! Brilliant =)

  15. Your lips look gorgeous with those lip colors. xD I've taken your advice and am investing in some good lipstick and lipgloss (okay, maybe not lipsticks, I'll stick to the ones that come with the free gift set, but I bought me-self a Stila 8 mini lipgloss set!). Now I can aspire to have awesome lips like Erynn. ;D Hahaha.

    & it's so awesome that you're offered that opportunity! Def. show us the characters you create! <3 :D

  16. I love both bags you purchased, super cute! Nice inspiration for nails too! hehehehe

    Love your Revlon lipstick, I love how it looks different when you layered it

  17. Soft Nude looks good on you! I love it, definitely my favorite! Those flats are so adorable.. I wish they could fit me!

    RYC: Yep, I'm from Hawaii! Born & raised in Oahu. Alll my family (mom's side) is still there. We're the only ones here in the mainland. I love going back home.. omg, the food here does not compare! I gain like 10 pounds every time I go back. lol!

  18. OMG! Those bags are tooooo cute!
    I was just complaining about my bag I have. Everything gets lost in it. THAT bag looks practical.
    Those shirts are cute too! I need to get my butt to costco!
    I love kmart shoes/slippers. They're a lot better then Walmart!
    Yay for Soft Nude!! It looks smexy on your lipssss.

  19. Ooh exciting about the characters!

    Dude, those flats are so damn cute lol.

  20. Yeah shipping was pretty expensive ($10!!) but in total with my order, it came out to about $22 per pair so it wasn't too bad :D

  21. omgosh what a great haul you did at the craft fair! I cannot believe your Costco carries cute tanks like that! lol :P Soft Nude is an amazing lippy isn't it? Definitely a staple in my collection! hehe I was gonna do a post on it soon but it'll be so repetitive since everyone on the blogosphere has already written/reviewed it! lol :P congrats on the character gig that's in the works! ^_^ soo happy for you!!<3 I will be catching up on your blog in the next few days, so expect lots of comment lovee! haha ;)

    <3 caroline

  22. I love your blog, so I gave you an award!!!!

  23. it's so cute you have tiny size 5 feet. very cute flats! Also, that designing job sounds so fun! and wow Soft Nude looks perfect on you. It takes a little work for me to get it right. sometimes I feel like it's not smooth anymore when I apply it. (on the lipstick end)

  24. Beautiful haul darling <3 I've missed you too!
    Soft nudes packaging makes me always love using it :D

  25. Great little haul! I love craft fairs! Though I usually only end up buying snacks! LOL!

    And I love it when I can find decent clothes at COSTCO/Sam's Club! LOL!

  26. I'm itching to get a ColorBurst lipstick. I LOVE the packaging!


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