Monday, April 19, 2010

My Nail polish collection

Hello loves! I've more or less gotten over my blogger slump... and have lots of things to write about! I decided that my blogging this week is going to consist of nail-related posts... so why not kick it off with... what else? Nail polish!

Since we don't have much selection here, pretty much my entire collection of China Glaze and OPI polishes were gifted to me by the lovely and super sweet Miss Dana! ♥ ;)

And as you can see... I have more or less run out of space to keep my collection :(

How/where do you store your nail polish?

Anywho, on to the polish!

These are the light pinks I have (sorry for the crappy lighting) The Ulta polishes are SUPER light pink. Kind of a white-pink. But still pink nonetheless. The ELF polish on the far right used to be more on the light pink side... but now it turned a bronzey-pink kinda color. Now that I look at it, I realize I should've grouped it with the polishes below -_-;

From left to right: Avon Nail Experts Pearl Shine polish, Avon Nailwear nail enamel - Classic Rose, OPI - Oh So Glam!, Ulta Nail Lacquer - Diva, Ulta Salon Formula nail lacquer - Sweet nothing, ELF nail polish - Blush.

I realize that I own A LOT of pink nail polish. While I love pink, I've come to the realization that I do not really like how ANY pink polish looks on my nails & with my skintone :/ Strange, huh? But the shades are all so pretty, I cannot resist!

From left to right: China Glaze - Jetstream, China Glaze - Wild Mink, China Glaze - It's Poppin!, Ulta Super Sheer Nail Gloss - Princess, NYX Girls nail polish - Apricot.

While lime green is one of my favorite colors, I never realized how little green poilshes I have! I have not tried the NYC one yet. Limonyte is one of my absolute favs colors ever to wear on my nails! The Bon bon polish isn't really green at all, just looks green. It's mostly glitter.

From left to right: NYC Long wearing nail enamel #118 - Big Money Frost, China Glaze -Limonyte, Bon Bon green glitter nail polish.

I have a lot of blues (okay well the first few are teal/turquoise). I like they way blueish shades look on my nails : )

From left to right: LA Girls Flare Bright Delights Nail Lacquer - Jade, Hard Candy Just Nails - Frenzy, NYC Color in a Minute - East Village, NYX Nails - South Sea, China Glaze - Blue Sparrow, OPI - Yoga-ta get this blue!

I also like how purple looks on my nails. Flattering for every skintone~! ELF Royal purple is my fav purple everrr, and it's only $1!

From left to right: Island Girl nail polish - Mahalo, OPI - Purple-opolis, ELF nail polish - Royal Purple, LA Girls Flare Bright Delights Nail Lacquer - Purple.

Some whites and one silver. The ELF polish is more metallic/pearl white; very pretty. The Rimmel polish is my fav for topping off dull polish. It is a glittery/shimmery pearlish shade.

From left to right: LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer - White, ELF nail polish - Moonlight, NYC Long wearing nail enamel #134A - French White Tip, Rimmel Play Fast - Out There, OPI - Gone Platinum in 60 Seconds.

A base and some top coats, one "treatment" and a french manicure polish. The Nailene Top Coat has been my fav, but sadly, I am running out. The NYC top coat is really good and does dry quickly, but sometimes it changes the polish color slightly, or makes the finish look "hazy." I rarely use a base coat, but when I do, the only one I have is the Avon one, and it works well. More to come on the Yellow Out polish...

From left to right: Avon Nail Experts Smooth Beginnings base coat, NYC Color in a Minute Quick Dry Top Coat - Grand Central Station, Island Girl nail polish - Yellow Out, Nailene French Manicure polish, Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat.

2 shape glitters & the only yellow/gold I own!
From left to right: NYX Girls - CN227 (silver hearts), NYX Girls - CN238 (gold stars), Essie - Flirty girl.

And last but not least, my Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit.
From left to right: White Widow, Gunmetal, Apocalypse, Grunge, Meltdown, Big Bang, Fbomb.


  1. OoOo I was thinking about doing a post about my nail polish stash too! (^_^) I might have to get rid of some afterwards...haha. :P

  2. Wow that's a huge and very pretty collection! =)

  3. cute collection :] i'm really digging your dark pinks!

    i can't leave my nail polish out like that cuz i'm so clumsy... i'd knock it all down!! mine's secured away from me in this plastic box i have haha!

  4. cool nail polish collection..^_^..I love all the purple colors..

  5. You have a nice collection of nail polishes. I love how you have a variety of colors. I don't think I've ever seen anyone wear green nail polish before. Limonyte looks like a color that would make your nails pop.

    I don't have as many polishes as you so I just store them in a box I got from Longs Drugs [now CVS] a few years back.

    <3 Serena.

  6. The purples are pretty!<3 Makes my eyes happy~
    That's a large collection- I only have like......6-7 X___X;;


    Miss. P

  7. Yeah it takes forever. :( I wish they'd hurry it up. haha. :P Yeah, for the 100pt sample thing with Sephora, they usually have crappy stuff but I just wait until something good comes along, like the UDPP! I'm super happy with it so I bought some when UD had their 30% off F&F sale. OoOo and UD is on HauteLook's tomorrow! :D I hope they don't sell out as fast as Juicy did.

    haha I'm so over my freckles. But eh, I guess I just have to live with them. :S haha

  8. Oh yeah! And I loooove the EcoTools brushes! They're so soft! I wanna get more! (>_<)

  9. I have my polish in a huge bucket. It used to be organized but now I just chuck them all in there and dig around when i need something.

  10. I love your nail polish collection! I love your choice of colors!!!! :)

  11. Props to you, Erynn, for taking all these pics of your collection to show us! hehe I lovee pink nail polish! I think it looks great on you btw (from your crazy hime nails...if i remember correctly, they were pink right? omg totally tripping right now haha)

    I actually saw a really cute color yday at Walgreens, but I've never heard of the brand before...Sinful Colors? But I checked reviews just now, and it seems to be good! Maybe i'll have to go back and but it bc it's only $2 xD

    ♥ caroline

    p.s. Yes, Tahitian dancing is SOOOO sexy! I really wanted to learn when I was younger and still secretly do. :P must be soo super cute doing the hula when you were little! I can just see how cute you are! lol xD that's so crazy! I didn't know that a lot of Japanese people actually don't like sushi/sashimi! So far 3 of you girls have told me!

  12. Great collection, I love the purple! I saw that UD nail set at hautelook on sale for $13. I was tempted to buy it. >.<


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