Wednesday, April 21, 2010

{e.motion in: motion;} review featured on ELF facebook fan page!

I don't have a Facebook, so I'm not up to date with all the going-ons of FB X)
Thank you Maritza for the heads-up!

Lol, free publicity for Hime Eyes too! : )

~ ~ ~

ELF was one of those brands that I really was surprised with. After my first few orders, I was quite disappointed, but after giving it another shot, I quickly found a few HG gems in their products : ) While it's been really hit or miss for me, I can totally appreciate their wallet-friendly pricing and wide range of products... plus how they always have special promos!

I actually just made an order w/ them... blushes (I've really been getting into blushes lately!), bronzers, and the raved-about Studio powder brush. I did some extensive review/swatch hunting, so I hope I am happy with my purchases : )


  1. i love ELF cosmetics too!!!!... their eyeshadow, blushes, and brushes.... oh ya nail polish too.


  2. you will love the studio powder brush! i own two! I wanted to try the blushes too, especially peachy keen and fuchsia fusion but I missed the 50% off promo. oh well, I'll get it next time. don't forget to swatch for us!

    congrats on getting feat! lol @ himeeyes advertisement!

  3. ahhhhh congrats! this is the second time i'm commenting on this post it the "sign out" button keeps blocking out the "post comment"... wth -_-

    anyways i've been keeping up with your posts! sorry for the lack of comments :(


  4. OMGOSH, that's awesome! haha Yayy, Erynn!! ^_^ Wow, everyone and their moms usually have a FB, but I deactivated mine like 2 years ago. I'm so happy to finally find another person without one! haha xD

    ♥ caroline

  5. haha yay! you're welcome! I got so excited when I saw that because I was like OMG I READ HER BLOG MUST TELL HER NOW!! :)


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