Thursday, December 31, 2009

Your thoughts on... & Happy new year!

The Red Lip....
Can you rock it?!

My simple answer?
No :(

I've always been a conservative nude/natural person; definitely not one for bold, dark lip colors -- especially RED. A few nights ago (sorry for bad lighting ^^;) I tried some red just for fun, so here's my take on it. Overall, I love the look/ideal of the classic red lip but I personally would never be confident enought to wear it in public. I think it's the most flattering on super pale skin... which I do not have.

For example, if I paired a red lip with neutral eyes, I'd feel underdone and clownish with too much attention attracted to my mouth :/ If I paired it with smokey eyes, I'd feel overdone and like a vampy hooker :S

Some "ew's, aah's, and okay's" for thought:

What's your take on the red lip look?

Is it something you'd wear often? Sometimes? Never? Do tell!

KISSES! It's the last day of 2009 for me here in Hawaii. It's still only 3:30 PM... but 2010, here I come!

***Happy New Year!***

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NOTD - Sakura bliiing ♥ + BBP Nail polish remover review

Hey loves! Happy New Year in advance! It's still the 30th here in Hawaii.

Here's another hime-gyaru inspired nail art...
Sakura Bling! ♥

What I used! L-R
  • Rimmel Play Fast nail polish - 820 Out There (1 coat over NYX)
  • Wet N Wild Wild Shine - Kaleidescope (glitter nail tips)
  • Nailene Acrylic Strong top coat (2 coats over everything)
  • NYX Girls nail polish - Apricot (base, 2 coats)
  • Konad nail art stickers - Cherry blossoms
  • Rhinstones

Konad nail art stickers are LOVE! Overall I like how these turned out. I ♥ pretty pink, shiny, glittery, kawaiiness :3 The only thing was that the NYX is really sheer, wish it was darker but I was too lazy to do more coats. It's more pink in real life but reflects slightly gold from the Rimmel.

Also, I wanted to share this!

BBP Nail Polish Remover

I picked this up from Walmart on a whim, and I'm glad I did!

Price: $2.00

What they say:
  • Protein Enriched.
  • For Natural Nails.

Bye-Bye Polish Nail Polish Remover Is Formulated to Help Soften Cuticles and Add Strength and Resiliency For More Beautiful Nails.

The good stuff:

  • GIANT tub
  • Cheap!
  • Easy to use
  • Fast & Effective

The low-down:

  • None!

My take: I'm super glad I decided to pick this up. I've seen these before but never thought to try because I'd always though it would be expensive (lol). Before, I'd use endless cottonballs or ELF nail polish removing pads to do the job, but this is SO much easier AND cheaper! This tub is so huge, it'll never run out! It's also super easy to use and quickly and effectively removes nail polish, even glitter.

I was quite... amused (for lack of a better word) when I first tried this out. I think you'd have to actually use one for yourself to get the full effect of what I'm saying XD

Basically, you just stick your finger in the sponge (the container is full of nail polish remover... don't drop it on the floor!) and you're suppose to "twist". Because I had glitter on my nails though, it was more of an "up and down in and out" kinda motion to rub the glitter off. In all honesty, it's wet... soft... and... squishy in there. Add finger action to the mix......

LOL!!! I think I promised I will not taint you guys anymore since my previous NOTD was a teeny bit sexually explicit. I'll let you come to your own conclusions. (If you've been reading my blog long enough, you know my mind is in the perpetual gutter. Have you caught my drift yet?! XP) Yes, it's super awkward to use, but the main thing is that it's EFFECTIVE!

It only takes about 20 seconds max to get everything off each nail and it's a lot less messy than using cotton pads and getting fibers stuck all over your nails! Overall though, it is SUPER useful -- but it is not something I would use in front of other people. If they didn't know what it's for, they'd be like WTF are you doing?! haha XD

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DHC Lip Cream & Moisture Care lip gloss review + swatches

DHC Moisture Care Lip gloss - Pink

Price: $4.50 (clearance)

What they say: Plump it up. These pout-perfectors make your lips appear fuller with moisturizing and plumping ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, olive oil, and collagen. Use these transparent, glistening hues on bare lips for a soft, shiny look or try them over your favorite DHC lip colors to amp up the glamour.

What to do: Squeeze the tube and glide evenly over lips. May be used alone or layered with other lip colors.

What's in it: hydrogenated polyisobutene, diisostearyl malate, isotridecyl isononanoate, caprylic/capric triglyceride, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, isostearic acid, tocopherol, phenoxyethanol, sorbitan isostearate, ethylhexyl palmitate, stearyl glycyrrhetinate, tribehenin, isostearoyl hydrolyzed collagen, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, silica, palmitoyl oligopeptide, sodium hyaluronate, silica silylate (LGA02-LGA06), phenyl trimethicone (LGA02-LGA06), polyglyceryl-2 triisostearate (LGA02-LGA06), alumina (LGA02-LGA06), stearic acid (LGA02-LGA06), polyglyceryl-2 isostearate (LGA02-LGA06), hydrogenated castor oi (LGA02-LGA06)l,barium sulfate (LGA02-LGA06) May contain: titanium dioxide, yellow 6, yellow 5, iron oxides, red 7, red 6

The good stuff:

  • Inexpensive
  • Cute packaging
  • Glossy & shiny
  • Moisturizing

The low-down:

  • Color is super sheer, basically clear

My take: While this gloss is pretty and shiny, it is so sheer that it basically goes on clear on my lips. I didn't really notice any plumping (not that I need it) and there is not much of a smell/taste. It's just a really cute shiny clear gloss. Would I repurchase: No.

DHC Lip Cream

Price: $7.50

What they say: Lip service. Free radical neutralizers in olive oil and vitamin E defend against feather line creators and collagen deflators. Lips receive long-lasting moisture, look less rough, and feel undeniably more luscious.

What to do: Glide evenly over lips.

What's in it: lanolin oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax/candelilla cera/cire de candelilla, lanolin, beeswax/cera alba/cire d’abeille, stearic acid, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, squalane, pentylene glycol, panax ginseng root extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, tocopherol, phenoxyethanol, stearyl glycyrrhetinate

The good stuff:

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Nice packaging
  • Super moisturizing/hydrating
  • Makes lips soft & smooth
  • Glossy sheen
  • GREAT as a lip primer

The low-down:

  • The smell/taste is definitely not "good" but it's not "terrible" either.

DHC Lip Cream, NYX Round Lipstick - Orange Soda

My take: This is my new HG lip balm! I love this product. It pretty much does everything it says it will. I have horrible issues w/ my lips being dry, peeling, and flakey --which is why I rarely can wear lipstick-- and this solves it all! I could never wear creamy color because my lip lines and dryness just gets highlighted and it's gross! But this fills in lip lines and keeps flakiness and dryness at bay, making a perfect smooth canvas for layering lipcolor.

I've tried a bunch of different lipbalms, drug & department store, but this has worked the best for me so far. Alone, it is a nice glossy balm that is very moisturizing and soothing. The only thing that may bug some people is the taste/smell, like I mentioned, it's not good (def. not sweet or tasty) but it's not intolerable (like old lipstick) either. Once you apply it, you forget about it though.

Would I repurchase: YES! If you have dry flaky lips too, I would highly reccommend this!

Here's some swatches...
to show just how ecstatic I am about this product. Lip lines completely erased, even with creamy opaque color like NYX lipsticks.

DHC Lip Cream, NYX Round Lipstick - Orange Soda & Circe

DHC Lip Cream, NYX Round Lipstick - Orange Soada, Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited - Jupiter Brown

DHC Lip Cream, NYX Round Lipstick Orange Soda & Circe, F21 Vial Lipgloss - Rose

Oh, I'm loving my NYX Orange Soda lately ^^ ♥

DHC Make Off Sheets review

$5.50 for the 50 sheet refill pack

What they say: A clean sweep. Make Off Sheet does it all. Made from 100% natural cotton, each aloe-infused sheet removes impurities, helps maintain skin’s natural pH level, and deposits moisture. Use this cleansing cloth when you’re away from home and on those occasions when you can’t perform your regular routine. Comes in a lightweight, flip-top box, so you can take it on the road and to the gym.

What to do: Gently wipe face with sheet until dirt and makeup are removed. Press 5–10 seconds to remove mascara and heavier makeup.

What's in it: water/eau, butylene, glycol, sodium cocoamphoacetate, hexylene glycol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, methylparaben, citric acid, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, panax ginseng root extract, etidronic acid

The good stuff:

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Effectively & gently removes makeup
  • Does not sting eyes
  • Leaves skin feeling clean & refreshed
  • No residue

The low-down:

  • The sheet is kinda small
  • Strong scent

My take: I love these! I've been using Kirkland makeup remover wipes which do the job well (will review soon) but I like these a whole lot better! If only I didn't have to always order them online. I got the refill pack since it's cheaper than the $7.50 one with the same amount of sheets, you're just paying for the case. The refill pack reseals and works fine for me.

THe sheets are kinda small, around half the size of a normal makeup removing wipe -- but still big enough to take off all makeup. They aren't quilted or cushy but they are gentle and very effective at removing makeup. The great part is that it leaves no residue after use and makes my skin feeling very refreshed, clean, and toned. The only thing is that there is a strong scent... I don't want to say "alcohol" scent but it is strong and not too pleasant. You get used to it after awhile though. The great thing is that it is not harsh on the skin and it does NOT sting my eyes at all.

Would I repurchase: Yes!

Yves saint Laurent Gloss Pur - Pure Rose review + swatches

(Pretty Bow Necklace from Ezziebell Jewelry ♥)

Price: $29

What they say: Pure colour and high shine. YSL's newest lip gloss is everything you need to achieve an ultra-sophisticated every-day look. Based on YSL's top selling lip gloss, Golden Gloss, Gloss Pur delivers a sparkle-free beautiful and glossy sheen to the lips. With a fresh mango scent and six must-have shades, you'll want them all.

What's in it: click here for list

The good stuff:

  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Brush wand glides on smoothly
  • Lovely semi-opaque color
  • Smooth texture
  • High shine finish
  • Did not dry out my lips

The low-down:

  • Expensive
  • Sticky when applying
  • The "mango" scent
  • Staying power is average

My take: So I was skeptical about the Pur Rose shade because although I looked at swatches before deciding to get it, when I received it, it looked so pink-PINK in the tube rather than a more natural pink. Luckily however, it redeemed itself when I tried it on my lips! It does an uber gorgeous nude-milky pink that's so super shiny and just LOVE! I thought the brush wand would be a little weird, but it's actually really easy to apply with and doesn't leave any streaks.

The texture if you get it on your fingers seems rather sticky, but once on lips it's super smooth and glossy -- if it's windy your hair will still get stuck in it though. One coat is pretty sheer, but the color is very buildable. 2 layers is good for me. The finish is patent leather shiny looove. The "downside" in my opinion is that the "fresh mango scent" is a bit overpowering to me (and I usually don't mind scented products!). That said, it is a nice scent at first, but gets a bit sickly sweet.. after awhile it fades. Another thing is that staying power is only a few hours at best, even less if you're eating/drinking. Overall, it is a gorgeous gloss though!

Would I repurchase: Yes, I want to try more shades -- just wish it wasn't so expensive!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Hello loves! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Turquoise iKandy ♥
Here's a recent EOTD I did to match my new iKandy shirt ♥ My camera pretty much sucks at picking up the actual color vibrancy. Again, I use a lot of ELF brightening e/s quads... and YES, they are super pigmented for only $1!

What I used:

1. ELF Brightening e/s (Nymph Dreams) - highlight below brow
2. ELF Brightening e/s (Nymph Dreams) - above crease on outer lid
3. ELF Brightening e/s (Nymph Dreams) - All over lid
4. ELF Brightening e/s (Drama) - darken outer V
5. L'Oreal Lineur Intense (black mica) - line lashline
6. Rimmel Exaggerate (black) - line lashline & waterline
7. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil (Zero) - to tightline & line waterline
8. NYX Jar concealer (beige) - under eye area
9. Salon Perfect falsies
10. DHC Eyebrow perfect powder (brown)
11. Physician's Formula brow pencil (dark brown)

Swatches coming soon...

And here's some lovely gifts I got for xmas that I will be swatching soon!
  • Sephora Collectors Edition Palette
  • Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit
  • Generic brand palette -- it's actually really pigmented yay!

What the Mister "bought" me for xmas... not really cuz I put in for part of it :P At least he wraps nicely... with penguins of course ^__^ ♥

I will go Type R... eventually XP

Mail love from Marie ♥
I also was a winner of Marie's ELF giveaway! Soooo many goodies! I've tried out a few things and wanna play around with the ELF eye transformer. Btw, girl is on her way to getting hitched to her sweetheart, isn't that awesome! ♥ Wishing you and your hubs all the best, love! If you haven't checked out Marie's blog yet, go for it!

Oh, and Muffin says hello. ♥