Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Collective Circle Lens Reviews

Hello loves! I was inspired to do this collective review post of all the circle lenses I own, by the lovely miss Sophia! She was so nice to mention that she thinks I do *the best circle lens reviews* Aww! ^.^ So I decided to do this post for anyone who happens to be searching my blog for reviews on circle lenses -- now they're all in once place! I'll add to this review listing as I get more lenses.

Note: since I pretty much always wear glasses, I buy my lenses plano (00 power). Whenever I decide to get my updated contact lens perscription, I think I'll try getting some new ones. However, I also actually don't wear regular perscription lenses anymore because every one I've tried has irritated my eyes. Surprisingly, I've had minimal trouble/discomfort with non-perscribed circle lenses! But of course, please buy circle lenses at your own discretion!

Geo Angel Brown & Geo Angel Green

Where I got mine: Browns from Phyllis of Makeupforlife.net (Idk if she still does batch orders), Greens from Twinklelens.com

Color: The color does not show up very much in natural light... basically shows up "dark" on my eyes. You do get nice hints of color in different lighting, and great color in flash photos though (like in the pictures to the left)

Comfort: These are the most comfortable circle lenses I've tried so far. I've worn them all day (11+ hours) a few times. I had virtually no irritation other than the eventual dryness.

Enlargement: These will give you dolly eyes! The pupil hole is large, and the black limbal ring is thick. They are noticeably not "natural" but still cute.

Overall: Color looks great in photos, comfortable, dolly-eye look, noticeable but not freaky.


Where I got mine: Mesmerized Eyes (they closed)

Color: I had originally got these in hopes that the color would show up well. However, they are similar to the Angels in that they just show up "dark" on my eyes, but the color does show up nicely at certain angles and in certain lighting, especially in photos (flash OR no flash -- like the picture to the left).

Comfort: These are only slightly less comfortable than the Angels. I did feel that they got "drier" a little faster, but other than that, they were fine.

Enlargement: These offer slightly less enlargement than the Angels. The pupil hole is smaller, and the limbal ring is broken into slash patterns, instead of solid black like the Angels. In that sense, I do think that they show up a bit more "natural" looking than the Angels.

Overall: Color looks great in photos, comfortable, more "natural" looking, beautiful color at certain angles.

Geo Honey Twins & Geo Green Twins

Where I got mine: Geoeyecandy.blogspot.com

Color: The color shows up insanely well. If you want extremely vibrant, bold color, go for these! Good for cosplay, I'd think. They actually border on beaing a little freaky looking on me IMO... :/ They are very obviously unnatural on me.

Comfort: These are the least comfortable circle lenses I own. They move around a lot and I usually can see halos of color when I wear these. I cannot wear them for very long because they just get too uncomfortable :(

Enlargement: These do not offer much enlargment. The limbal ring is slightly broken up (not solid like the Angels), and very thin. The pupil hole is A LOT smaller than the Angels & Wings, I'd say its around "normal" pupil size. Thus it does not give a dolly-eye look... it's more "natural-looking" than the Angels & Wings in regards to size, but it is obviously unnatural in regards to color.

Overall: Color shows up extremely well, not comfortable, natural size but NOT natural color, good for cosplay or if you want that really vibrant eye look.

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