Friday, May 14, 2010

EDM Haul + Swatches + FOTD

I also got my Everyday Minerals order in yesterday! I don't think I've mentioned it too in-depth, but I absolutely LOVE EDM's pressed powder. I have been a loyal user of EDM for nearly 3 years. I did a review wayyy back when (too lazy to dig it up :P) While their loose powders are great, I just hate dealing with the mess. Their pressed powders are so convenient and the finish is LOVE.

Two of the reasons why I love EDM:
They're Eco-Friendly AND Cruelty-Free! ♥

I like that they got these new compacts rather than the old cardboard packaging. Admittedly, a little less eco-friendly, but more sturdy and hygenic.

It comes with a flocked sponge (not that good IMO :P)

It has a lid to separate the sponge from the powder.

The one thing I don't like about EDM is that they are always changing up their shades! :( And the shade descriptions are not very accurate IMO. The last shade I used was Fairly Light Golden. It was a tad light but for the most part, matched me pretty well.

But they didn't have that shade anymore, so I decided to get Light, which is described as: "For light to medium complexions with golden undertones"
I think that describes my skintone pretty well, right?

It looks like a good match.

Even on the sponge, it comes out dark.

When I swatched it on my hand...
Uh oh! It's so light! Well, this was swiped like 3 times. And my hand is darker than my face. But still. It worried me.

Anyhoodles... This is why I love EDM's pressed powder.

Smooth, flawless, lightweight, full-coverage, matte (but not cakey). No other powder I've ever tried has given me such an amazingly flawless yet natural finish.


It turns out that "Light" seems to be around 1-2 shades too light -_-; Stupid shade description. I think I should have tried the shade Buttered Tan, which is described as: "For medium complexions with peach/yellow undertones." Wah.

I should note though that my normal skin color of my face is already about 1 shade ligher than my neck/chest because I use Cellnique's Derma Brightening Complex, which whitens/brightens skin.

So I added a dusting of ELF Studio Warm Bronzer all over my face, applied MAC powder blush in "Style" on the apples of my cheeks, and contoured using ELF's Studio Warm Bronzer. It certainly warmed up the shade, but is it still too light?

(flash was kinda too strong in this one)

To me, it still seems kind of light. If it was one shade darker (damn you, Buttered Tan, I will be back for you!), then I think it would have been better. Even though I like the whiter/brighter look, I'm still not sure about this shade.

Another HOWEVER...
When I asked my mom what she thought about it, she said it was nice and was not too light at all. She said it matched my skintone.

I think I will just try to apply it more lightly and then wait to get Buttered Tan.
I hate it when you're unsure about how a foundation looks but to other people it looks fine -_-;

Can't forget the freebies!
Another thing I love about EDM is that you can get 1 free sample set of blush, concealer, face powder, etc. with every order. So of course, I got blushes.

This is the Coral Matte Blush set.

From left to right: Weekend Getaway, Nick Nack, All Smiles.

The shades are all nice though, especially All Smiles, whish is a pretty coraly peachy shade. I think Nick Nack might be a little too light for me, but it's a pretty pastel pink. Weekend Getaway is a darker rosy pink. Nick Nack and Weekend Getaway are on the sheer side, and take some building up to see the color. All Smiles is super pigmented!

These blushes are super finely milled and soft... thus, super powdery. And I hate dealing with loose powder. So I'm waiting on some supplies to come in, and I'll be trying my hand at pressing these blushes : )

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