Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jeans Warehouse Mini Haul + NOTD feat. ELF "Lilac"

Hello loves! Just wanted to share some things I recently bought from Jeans Warehouse.

I found this cute pair of flats (of course, the only size 5 ANYTHING they had :P), for only $9.99! I'm always on the lookout for nice flats so I was happy to find these. I actually wanted white ones but they didn't have my size -_-;

And I was also really surprised to find these! Beauty Treats makeup remover cleansing tissues! They sounded really good after reading Stacey's review, but we never have anything good like on the mainland, so I wasn't expecting to find them here! Or maybe they have been here a really long time lol, I just haven't been in Jeans Warehouse in FOREVER :P

I got Apricot because the SA I asked said Geen tea and Aricot were popular, and not many people bought the "Rose" scent. They were $2.99 each. I really like the scent, and the tissues are soft and work great at removing makeup! Does not sting my eyes either, which is a MUST for me in a cosmetic wipe. They don't quite beat out my all-time favorite Epielle Wipes, but they're a close second : )

On another note, my mom got me this gigantic, warm, cozy robe. Because she knows I adore leopard print :3 It's the freaking warmest thing ever, which is really good because when it gets cold here, it gets COLD. So I've been pretty much wearing this around the house all day :P


Here's what ELF's "Lilac" looks like. I honestly wish it was a little lighter and more pastel, but it's still nice I guess. This is 3 coats. The finish is nice and glossy. For whatever reason though, this one chipped alot easier than any of my other ELF polishes and took longer to dry.

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