Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hello loves! If you've been reading my blog long enough, you'll have read about my disappointing experiences with the MAC counter at our Macy's. I have never really been attracted to MAC, I mean, I think their stuff is quality and all, but mostly because I just don't enjoy going to our MAC counter, which is the only place to get MAC here, besides online.

However, I happened to have a $50 Macy's gift card, and wasn't having any success finding any clothes I wanted. So I went to Macy's today with my heart set on buying this super cute pair of wedge sandals; just to find out that the smallest size they had was 7. SEVEN. WTF. Is it THAT hard to make size 5? Seriously???

So after been thoroughly disappointed about the shoes; on a whim, I decided to browse by the MAC counter. Of course, I immediately gravitated towards the blushes (I'm currently obsessed with blush). Also, quite a few people have been recommending the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural to me, so I figured I'd check that out too.
This is what I left with:
MSF Natural in "Medium" and Powder blush in "Style"

(the picture below is an experiment using a technique I learned from themakeupsnob.com -- covering the flash with a piece of tissue to adjust the lighting. Works great! The flash on my camera pretty much sucks, but using this method makes everything brighter, and still true to color!)
The picture below is not the best depiction of the true color of this blush... I will take better pictures soon. I was instantly enamored with this shade ♥ It is described as a "Coral-peach with gold pearl (Frost)" and I must agree. It is gorgeous!

FYI - I don't really pick blushes based on brand, price, or texture. Mostly color. If I am attracted to the shade, then it's fair game to me; low OR high-end!

I also got a nice, helpful (albeit a TAD pushy) MUA today! Of the few times I have actually stopped by the counter; once I stood there waiting for ~5 minutes, with a MUA right in front of me, and no one else around. She could spare 5 seconds to give me a high-nosed once-over, but did not make any attempt after that to even ask me if I needed help -- If you know me, you'll know I'm kind of meek in public and I don't like dealing with snobby people -- So I just left. AND, after my prior experience with a MUA that insisted I should look like an orange; I was left feeling a bit skeptical about the MUAs working there.

However, this time, the MUA I spoke to was attentive, nice, and didn't try to convince me that I was "tan." She originally matched me to Medium Plus, but when she applied it, I felt like it was a little too dark/orange for me. When I asked for something lighter, she was quick to oblige and wiped everything off and tried Medium instead. I liked how it made my skin brighter and more radiant. So I happily left with Medium!

...And these are the first MAC products I've ever bought!

So, am I finally convinced?
I don't really know anything about MAC other than the fact that tons of people rave about it and swear by their products.... but I feel it's kinda pricey. I know you pay for quality but still. Inexpensive makeup can be quality too. These two items were almost $47. Was I satisfied with my purchase? Of course. I am very happy with what I got. Would I have gotten it if I didn't have a gift card? No. Maybe the blush. But only because I am obsessed with blush.

I know I spend ridiculous cash on certain things sometimes (coughbagscoughlippiescough) but for whatever reason, spending nearly $50 on two items just because it has the word MAC on it kind of made me die a little inside T_T Idk how the heck you girls do it! Lol!

So... while I like the products I got, I think their shadows are nice, and I would like to try their lippies; I know that I can always find similar, just-as-good (if not better) products for a fraction of the price. So overall, while I am NOT anti-MAC, I'm still not a HUGE fan either... not planning on becoming a MAC-aholic anytime soon! : )
So, what are your thoughts on MAC?

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