Saturday, May 1, 2010

Surprise mail love from Steph! ♥ & Haul: Organizers & Blush

Hello loves! I hope everyone's weekend is going great : ) I volunteered at our local Public Library's book sale again today, so I got to pick up 4 brand new hardcover books for less than the "normal" price of 1! :D Hopefully they'll all be good reads.

When I got home, I was surprised with a package in the mail from the lovely and talented Steph of Julu Jewelry and Beauty & Gardens! A belated birthday gift, omg! ^__^ She sent me soo many goodies, of course I have already eaten the kit kat... strawberry & sakura green tea! Oishiiii! Also, Rilakkuma pretzels sticks, and Wet N Wild eyeshadow!! I am esepcially excited to try the e/s after reading Nee's review @ KITTYLOVESMAKEUP!

Earrings!!! Lime green flower studs! ♥ If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know that lime green is my FAV color, along with pink : )

Thank you sooo much Steph! ♥
I was actually having sort of a hard week, so this really made my day today : )

I also wanted to share some purchases I made from Long's! I bought some more Epielle cosmetic wipes and Epielle nose strips, but I didn't take pictures of them. I did not try the nose strips yet, so I let the Mister be the guinea pig. Either I didn't put it on good enough (well, I did follow all the directions :P), or he has really clean pores! Lol! I'm kinda scared to try them on me, probably lots of stuff is going to come out of mine :P

I also bought these nifty little organizer bins for $1.69 each! Of course, because of the color too : ) I got the idea after reading Tina Marie's post on how she organizes her makeup. Before, all my stuff was just shoved in the drawers and very messy. But now I consolidated my lippies & blushes/bronzers from everything else! I'm definitely gonna be searching for more of these little guys in different sizes so I can better organize the rest of my makeup.

So far, I've got these 2 drawers looking a lot better than they were before : )
Top view:

Side view:

Top view:

Side view:

The containers fit perfectly in the drawers so I'm really pleased with them ♥

Another thing I purchased was Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Peach Satin. Again, I was tempted to try after reading one of Nee's reviews! I originally wanted Pink Frosting but when I looked at the color, I was kind of afraid it would be too pink for me. But I also was wary to get Peach Satin because Nee said it was super shimmery. But I decided to try that one out first. I still want to eventually own Pink Frosting and Rose Petal as well though :P

In the pictures, it shows up a lot more peachy than it really is. When I look at it IRL, it doesn't look peachy at all! It just looks baby pink and hella shimmery! On my arm, it shows up shimmery baby pink too; ever so slightly peach. Funny thing is though, when I wipe my fingers off on a tissue, it looks really peachy on the tissue :P

This blush is super sheer once blended, and takes several layers for a real hint of color to show up. However, I like this kind of blush. The texture is really soft and of course, mousse-y :P I honestly thought it would be waaay too shimmery as well, but it actually gives my cheeks a nice, subtle pink luminous glow after a few layers.

I will do a full review on this blush soon!

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