Saturday, May 8, 2010

NOTD - ELF Mint Cream & Desert Haze

Here's some NOTDs featuring two new ELF nail polish shades; Mint Cream and Desert Haze!

Mint Cream is absolutely lovely. A very Tiffany Blue-esque cream : )
Application is smooth without getting goopy. Dries quickly.
The finish is nice and glossy.
This is 3 coats. Love it!

(I hope no one is freaked out by feet lol, I just thought this color would look nice on my toes XD)

This is Desert Haze. It's a little lighter IRL. Kind of a lightish taupe color.
Sadly, in my opinion, it is not a very flattering color on my nails :(
It kind of melts in with my skintone.
Wish it was lighter.

Application is also smooth, but gets a little thick after 3 coats.
Didn't dry as fast as Mint Cream, but the finish is still nice and glossy.
This is 3 coats.

I didn't really want to remove Desert Haze and start all over again with a different color, so, what do I always do to spice up an "ugly" polish? Why, add some glitter & shimmer, of course! : )

Went over with 2 coats of Bon Bon green glitter polish. It did give an extremely slight greenish tint to my nails, but the glitter is what stands out.

Uhh, it actually looks a lot better IRL :P The glitter is so pretty and reflects all different colors. It really added some interest and dimension to Desert Haze, so it stands out against my skintone. Very pretty in sunlight ♥

Can't wait to try out Lilac and Smoky Brown!

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